Should xplicit throw in the towel?

Discussion in 'General' started by xplicitcontent, Aug 12, 2002.


Should xplicit throw in the towel?

  1. Throw in the towel!

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  2. Keep on fighting

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  1. well i've been thinkin, i dunno, should i 'throw' in the towel, go for a knew avatar, or what? im jus mellow as hell and wonderin who likes the towel or should it go?
  2. you gotta keep towely man..hes the poster child..err..towel for all hardcore should find a way to make a gif of him so he has some motion in his bonez
  3. the towel is definately more you i think.
  4. stop me now, i am wreaking havoc.
    i accidentially voted throw in the towel, but meant KEEP HIM. SORRY! It won't let me change. he's cool, and like Digit said, he's way more than ya think!
  5. lol@ganjaphish.... it makes sence until u actually read back and then u realise it doesnt in a funny kinda way. but we understood anyway.
  6. yeah.. i'm everything but organized today :D i can't even structure my freaking sentences! time to "throw in the towel"... oops i meant my own towel, not yours xplicit! :)

    i really need to get some adequate sleep...
  7. ha, yea, i was jus bored and wanted to switch my av wit some ghetto po' ppl.

    Anyways, the Towel Regime lives on! damn i need to stop smoking and start sleeping, going on to 36 hours of being awake.


  8. if anything, here's the poster child for all towelies.

  9. is the towel a reference to the Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy? or something different?
  10. towely is a character on south park...hes..well..uh...a towel..who likes to get stoned..his eyes are always bloodshot..and hes always askin the southpark kids "you wanna get HIIIIIGHHH?" in his annoying "mr. hankyish" squeaky voice...

    EDIT: he also always says "Dont forget to bring a toooowel!!!"
  11. oh..ok..sorry...see, i only get one TV channel (NBC) because i live out in the country and have no money for satellite..oh the hitchiker's guide it tells you to always bring a towel, because you can amke a pillow out of it, or use it like a blanket, or if you are on tri-delta planet 9 (or something like that) and you run into the fearsome 'bugblatter beast' whitch is as stupid as it is horrible so if you put the towel over your head, it thinks since you cant se it, it cant see you, and wont eat if you ahvent read the Hitchiker's guide i really really REALLY reccomend it.. The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy by douglas Adams .... anyway...yeah
  12. you think YOU live in the should try coming to MY have....hrmm.....meow...smoke a bowl

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