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Should weed be legal in the U.S

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by online_doper, Jan 31, 2003.

  1. This topic has caused lots of arguement. Some say, "Hell yeah! legalize marijuana!" and others disagree. Well, a few nights ago me and a couple of my friends got on this topic and argued for some time. And this is what we finally came up with:

    Marijuana should not be legal in the U.S

    Because, sure, it is fun to smoke weed. And you'd THINK it would be even greater if you could smoke it legally. Well, if it was legal, it wouldnt be that great anymore. Because it would be legal, you would smoke more, it would become and addiction more than a pleasureable time, sorta like cigarettes. Weed smoking also gives you a sort of "rush". Knowing that you are doing something illegal, and getting away with it. If it was legal, that feeling would be gone. It would take all the fun out of smoking weed. No more sneaking around.

    But then again, at least you wouldnt go to jail for it.

    What do ya'll think?
  2. I don't get high for the fun of doing something illegal. If that were the case, then I'd be robbing banks.

    As far as smoking more due to legalization...I couldn't smoke more than I do now so it wouldn't make a difference in what I consume. It may with others but I don't see that as a bad thing since I don't see anything wrong with getting high.

    It should be legal. Just like alcohol. Decriminalization will come first, of course, but legalization should be the end result.

  3. my sentiments exactly, my smoking would not change in the least, except at times like like this when i am dry, then i obviously would not be.
  4. I would be happyn if it were decriminalised!
  5. hel yeah it should be legal because if it was then the world we be a more dazed and confused and better place, no more hiding the weed in your shoe, no more having to smoke in your house, no more secretly buying it from your dealer, now you could just walk down the street toking up on a pipe or something!!! fuck ya that would be soo much fun!!!
  6. Where I live it doesn't even feel like it's illegal...I smoke everywhere...I haven't had that "oh my god I'm gonna get caught" rush in a long time, and frankly, I don't miss it!
  7. Same here. Here in the mountains of Georiga, it is almost like it IS legal. I mean, I dont get high because it is illegal either but it does play a part in its goodness. When I stated people would probably smoke more if it was legal, lemme rephrase that, the people who barely smoke at all would most likely smoke alot more if it became legal. And any experienced smoker knows how getting burt-out is. Have you ever thought, "Man, I wish I still got as high when I first started."? So, I still think if It was legal, it wouldn't be AS fun/exciting or whatever. I still think deep down, we like the sneaking around to get it, it makes it exciting. If it was legal, people would be doing it so much, it wouldn't be something you'd carry to a party anymore. Everyone would have it. It would no longer be considered something to "get down and boogey" to. It would be as casual as, "Man, that was a good dinner, join me for a smoke?" It would be an everyday habit. But, I can also see where the rest of you are coming from. And have considered agreeing as well, countless of times. But, I still gotta go with illgeal=more fun, legal=less problems.
  8. if you fel that your tolerance is too high just quit for a while, thats what i do on occasion. i hate not knowing who i can trust, and havng to sneak around keeping a low profile. there is little excitement there for me. if i want to do something exciting i will go cliff diving.
  9. I'm not sure that legalizing it in the US would work very well. I mean, in an ideal world I would say yes, let it be legal everywhere, but this is not an ideal world. Having spent several weeks over Christmas break in the Netherlands, I learned that weed being legal there works very well, but it works well because of the mindset of the people. Most Dutch people are very friendly and relaxed and the general mentality is that you can do whatever you want as long as it doesn't bother anyone else. It works there because everyone is ok with it being legal, and everyone respects everyone else. Unfortunately I don't think it would go over nearly as well in this country. I think too many people would take advantage of it and it would be seen in a negative light. It really doesn't matter though, because I honestly do not see the laws here changing anytime soon. I mean can you honeslty see the Federal govt/DEA EVER being ok with legalization? Basically if you wanna smoke legally, move to the Netherlands.

    Hope that made sense, I'm still kinda high..

    BTW I don't smoke because its illegal either. In fact I get really paranoid sometimes, and that sucks.

  10. It already is like that where I live
  11. If marijuana was made legal prices will drop and a lot of people who feed their families growing and selling it will lose out. The only ones who will gain from legalization is the central government who will make a killing taxing the hell out of it. That's my two cents anyway.
  12. I just think, regardless of whether or not legalization would make things better, it's pretty stupid and presumptuous of any government to say that they have the power to make one of Mother Earth's creations illegal....its as simple as that.

    I don't think any plant should be illegal. If they are thinking about it that way, why not make poison ivy illegal? Its a lot more harmful than weed!

  13. I really think that those people should go out and get a job. It being illegal is causing their family life to be in jeopardy. I know people who grow/sell and have families but because it is illegal, if they get caught, their family life as they know it is over.

    I would gain significantly from weed being legal in that I'd have the right to smoke/grow it without being cuffed and imprisoned.

    Like alcohol???

  14. ya, exactly
  15. Still, though, its nice to dream. And if it came down to it, I would totally vote for legalization. I'm just not sure how well it would go over.
  16. hellz ya weed should b legalized! if u dun think so ur probably stoned rite now!

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