Should We Really Stay Away From Mg?& Why?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by FADIOUS, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. An honest question here .... why are people afraid to use the MG?
    Never had a single problem i can pinpoint to the mireacle grow soils..
    I know there are a few different ones with quite the range of NPK values so i wonder if those whove had a bad go with it werent a little blazed when they made that sprawl-mart trip:smoking:
    id like a little insight on the theory is all .... thanx

    i use MG continuious release (N)0.21%(P)0.07%(K)0.14% w/no problems...
  2. Why dont you do a search:smoking: ? Your answer is there:cool: MG is the worst, every guide I read states it :) , Burns you plants starting at the tips, that why I switched never again, I rather get Wal-Mart cheap shit before MG, my opinion anyways.:wave:
  3. the proof is in the pot .... i guess everyone of us has a different way w/different results huh ...never hsd any burns.... i thought the MG was to give superior results so i always mixed w perlite n maybe old garden soil n went.... if i dont have to spend the extra $ to get the same or better results i may as well go cheap .... i always live by the "get what you pay for " so .. well....... huh:rolleyes:
  4. Ya bro thats what I thought about 6 years ago and man my plants burned and didn't add any nutes, I still made it to harvest but but the plant looked like shit, my neighbor uses miracle gro for her flowers in front of her home and there all healthy with bright colors on the flowers nice green lush leaves, I guess miracle gro ain't for MJ but some have had success, I just dont prefer it. If in fact you use it do 1 plant with it and another plant with some other soil that way you can do your own test and see for yourself which is better, dont use it for seedlings either though miracle gro that is. Just experiment find out what works for you.
  5. Never mind bro I just read where you have been using it, sorry about that, thought you were asking because you were gonna use it, good luck
  6. just wanted to add one of these............ seee its like a comic
    :smoke: :smoking: :bolt: :yay: :love:
  7. i was at lowes today,,,damn n ear all there potting soil had some type of time released fertilizer,,be it chicken manure pellets e.t.c.,,,,i have to agree with that other fellow,,a time released fert. which is in m.g. soil is not good for the weed,,i got a nursery blend that had nothing in it but soil,,,ph nuetral,,,
  8. how'd I miss this thread. I saw it on the new posts, and was gonna post the link. Before Nexxus comes in here and tells everyone how all MG isn't bad, I'll do him a favor and say I haven't heard of problems with the organic line.

    It's those damn time release ferts.

  9. When people who grow pot are talking about MG soil, they're talking about the time release, not the organic stuff. The MG company makes a lot of different soils, some of which are organic.
  10. Time release MG soil is bad, as you don't know how much your giving it, when your giving it, ect.

    I've seen a lot of " FiRst GroW EvEr! "s turn out bad from mistakenly using time release ferts.

    MG soil in itself isnt bad, as long as it an organic mix, it works well.

    In my years or growing, ive used MG once, regretted it. Since i switched to organic soil/compost and using ferts like bat guano and blood/bonemeal and emulsion, I havent had a problem with burns or deficiencies.(sp?)

    The lovely thing with organics is your plant NEVER burn


  11. Hey Ganja, I got your back bro. By the way, I have seen noobees have trouble even with Miricle Grow Organic. They did not put in anything extra for drainage and because the people did not know how much water to give to begin with, the plants easily got over watered. So, I remain unimpressed with MG for any beginner.
  12. THey may not get nute burn, but imo ANY mg soil retains water like a bitch.

    A little experience can help with that though.
  13. Fuck mg thats all I have to say

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