Should we celebrate Bin Laden's death?

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  1. I understand that he was crazy, a murderer, etc., and I'm in no way saying it'd be better if he were alive, but why are we celebrating his death? Yesterday my neighbors shot off fireworks in celebration, people are talking about throwing parties, when my teacher mentioned it today many of my peers cheered. Why the hell are we excited about somebody being dead??

    I'll never shed a tear over his death, I'll never say I want him to be alive, but I can't be happy about his death, nor anyone else's. To me, feeling happiness for the suffering of another person is immoral. For god's sake, he was as human as you and I. What he did was awful and sad and pathetic and the fact that he can't do any more harm is great, yet at the same time I feel more pity for him than anger, and his death doesn't bring me any relief or joy.

  2. Some people bring nothing but war, despair, and hate to humanity and when these "people" are gone it is indeed reason to celebrate.
  3. Like the government.:wave:

    all they bring is war despair and hate

    osama did the same too but i guess it depends on what position you are in;)
  4. Hitler brought much more war, despair, and hate to the world than Bin Laden, and although we're more than likely better off without him able to hurt any more people, I'm not glad that a person like him had to cause so much pain in the first place. To me, death is something to acknowledge as a natural part of life, and one day when my mom and my sister die I will be overjoyed that they were able to live happy lives and leave this realm with good karma on their shoulders, having carried much love through this world. Bin Laden came onto this planet and ended so many lives, hurt so many people, and the fact that he's not alive doesn't make me happy in the least. What would make me happy would be people celebrating the lives we're given and the choices we make to do good in the world, and all the positive vibes spreading from person to person. We should celebrate the good in life, the love that we share, not the ending of a man that brought nothing but hate.
  5. "I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy. Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that." - Martin Luther King, Jr
  6. civilians killed:
    bin laden: 3,000

    just saying
  7. I'm afraid we've only started a war
  8. This exactly. Put yourself in their shoes and see that we are the terrorists in their eyes.
  9. Put that shit on the news, it should be common knowledge but some people still remain uninformed unfortunately :(
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    we should have let him suffer in jail
  11. Should of dropped his ass off in the hood
  12. I think the same shit like it was on the news for hours on him.

    I'm like ok the world hated this guy and now we blabbering about him he's sitting in hell laughing at our dumb asses like I did it.

    Fuck him.

  13. You know what's really fucked? Our tax money goes towards the wars that kill hundreds of thousands of people, some we consider "guilty" and worthy of death, while most are probably innocent lives we're ending all in the name of some bullshit cause invented by politicians. Our money pays for the guns that kill innocent souls just because the media and government tells us it's worth it. In my opinion, murder is never worth it. Why should we celebrate one "evil" man's death when we're no better?

    I'm glad you guys are responding, because I was starting to get really irritated at all the "death parties" or whatever you want to call them floating around.
  14. Its closure for everyone who lost someone on 9/11
  15. i am not going to celebrate or completely believe this situation until i SEE HIS BODY

    he actual DEAD BODY as proof.

    i mean when saddam Husein was killed his body and dead face was EVERYWHERE on the news stations.....everyone and they mama was talking bout it.

    and now hmmmm......not even ONE picture of his body AT ALL. soo im like :confused:
  16. i was thinking the same thing. im glad justice is done but people are takin it a little to far i think.
  17. basically...........PICS OR GET THE FUCK OUT.:cool:

  18. I agree. I won't say it would be better if he were alive (although I'd prefer he be in prison), but the fact that people are throwing parties in celebration of his death just makes me sick.

    I didn't lose someone on 9/11, so I can't even begin to imagine the pain those who did went through and are still enduring. However, I do understand the blinding desire for justice to those who hurt you, to those you can't forgive for the pain they've caused, and I know the feeling of wanting someone to experience the same suffering you had to go through. That's only fair, right? And I can see why a person or a family might want justice served. But to me there's a big difference between wanting someone to be stopped and celebrating someone being dead.
  19. pray for him,then pray for yourself.
    when your dead your dead the bastards cant kill you twice that's for sure

    i don't mean to sound anti USA and pro bin-laden,the "people" of the USA
    are nice, decent, kind and god fearing, good loving souls...
    but the people that are running your land, just like my land are well and truly cuntish
    they will say anything and most will believe it.
    the majority of people these days are sheep
    look deeper,the truth is out there. bah bah bah....sheep
  20. on 9/11the 2 planes flew over my school straight into the towers following the path of the ferry.

    We went to the memorial a week later , the ash and shit were still in the air. But still we're gonna be in 3 wars. Fuck osama talk about how they're raping us at the pumps.

    tl,dr - more important than osama

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