should this upset me as much as it does?

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  1. so ive been dating this girl for almost 2 months now, but weve had a thing for a lot longer, weve only been officially together for a couple months. anyways, we were suppose to hang out today after she got out of school (shes in high school still, im in college). today ive been under a lot of stress, its a long story but it has to do with choosing my classes for next semester and classes being full etc. tldr i might be fucked.

    anyways, my girlfriend texts me today saying hey sorry (two of her friends) basically invited themselves to my house today, so can we hang out tomorrow. i explain to her that ive had a horrible day, and would like to see her. now i realize this is semi selfish of me, but i never am usually like that and its not like im asking her to cancel previous plans im just asking her to NOT cancel on me, her boyfriend. i tell her how much anxiety ive had and how it would mean a lot if she would just tell her stupid fucking friends that shes busy (i didnt say "stupid fucking friend", but these girls are complete dumb bitches, my girlfriend doesnt even know that one of her "best friends" wanted to fuck me a couple months ago). my girlfriend literaly just keeps saying, no im sorry i cant over and over again. this really really upsets me, because im always there when she needs me, ive gone out of my way to do things for her so many times and didnt even think twice about it. but its too much for me to ask her to not cancel her plans with me this one day where i really need her? what do you guys think?
  2. People are selfish man, they appear to care when it's convenient for them. Not sayin your girl is selfish but it's just a general truth. I really wouldn't be extremely upset over this but really I'm only getting a vague picture of the situation. Talk to her about it tomorrow, tell her how it wasn't cool how she blew you off to chill with bitches, explain why you're stressed and all that good stuff. If things are meant to be, it'll all work out. good luck.
  3. I think you should let your female do what she wants to do because you'll ask the same from her.
  4. So you waited to long to register, and your getting overly stressed out because of it. Its not that serious. Grow a fucking pair.
  5. Don't be a dick JapanLeMans, there's no need for that malevolence.
  6. For real, clearly the dude's hurtin', why rub it in? not cool, man
  7. don't think you're over reacting. it really gives you some good perspective where you are in her life. i wouldn't do anything to get even or hurt her just for the sake of it. i'd really sit down with her and have a real discussion about how you feel and where your relationship is at now and where you see it going.
  8. in the grand scheme of things maybe it isnt, but for me right now its something that really effects my life so i think i have a reason to be stressed.
  9. Id say you shouldnt make a big deal out of it, and let her have time with her friends. I mean, i hate it when my gf expects me to drop out on my friends for her, and im sure you would to. But if it becomes a regular occurence, then you should talk to her about it.
  10. i understand. I'm in college and it's really stressful. that's why i live with my boyfriend for massages all day every day! xD

    But seriously: She will learn how far friends go. She'll act like she's going to talk to them all when she graduates but guess what. None of the kids I went to school even say hello to each other anymore. They all go to different schools and met way cooler people.
    Btw: Girl friends suck, they will always fuck you in the ass. i've had my "best friend" tell me she would never hurt me and whatnot, and I did everything for her. I got her good grades and helped her when the bitch thought she was pregnant. Then she tried to steal my boyfriend and she was "so sorry" but she wanted to be with my boyfriend and still have me as a friend too!!
    And this girl I met in college copied my answers but wouldn't let me see hers during the test. Like what the fuck.

    Friends are for chumps. I'll stick with my true friends. My dog. Because my doggie would never betray me :]

  11. It IS that serious. She is a fucking bitch, who is being very selfish.

    OP, if she can't do something that any good girlfriend would do, even after you've done it multiple times for her emotional ass, then you should find someone else because she ain't gonna change.

  12. Apparently you haven't ever been faced with the serious problem of not being able to graduate on time because a class you need is full...a lot of degree programs require a very regimented set of coursework to be completed which forces students to pretty much get into every class they need--the problem is that quite often the school does a piss-poor job of informing students about this and/or improving their archaic registration system.

    college can be an extremely stressful time--a time when it would be really comforting to be able to fall back onto some support from those closest to you (say a gf)--it's also a time when expecting that support to be there and finding it isn't could be crippling.

    To OP: keep pushin' forward with your coursework--do whatever it takes to make it happen--talk with the GSIs and/or prof during office hours, talk with advisers, etc. It's better you found out you can't count on this girl now than if at a more critical time in your future...

    Best of luck!
  13. Its the beginning of the end. It always happens the same way. One date gone by, eventually you will have mad time off and she still cant find time for you. If it was as strong as it use to be, you would be the priority, ive had it happen to me and watched it happen to three friends so far. She be selfish, buts really she wants the connect between you two weaker so its easier for her to dump your ass. Plus u played it wrong, u gotta that they dont care.
  14. Oh and im a senior.that ran out of money... Should have had my diploma two years ago... So I know bout college. (btw, english, history, bio chem, business, philosophy minors, and applied human science major)
  15. Find another woman.


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