should this man be charged with child abuse?

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  1. [ame=]Video: 9-Year-Old GIrl Becomes Designatd Driver For Dad Who Says He'd Been Drinking![/ame]
  2. Ehhh idk if abuse but maybe like reckless endangerment? I don't really know
  3. This is the funniest shit Ive seen in a while, its fucking awesome. I love how the dads like "FUCK YA DUDE, SHE DROVE US HERE, SHE NINE!".

    I gotta tell you, Id rather have her on the road then that drunk dude though. She apparently drives pretty damn good.

    Im confused on the situation, definitely shouldn't get a child abuse charge, shouldn't have his kid taken away, because obviously she hasn't been raised to bad, but something should be done.

    Nothing to strict though.
  4. yea he shouldnt be charged with that, in europe we learned to drive cars when we were around that age and cops did not give a fuck
  5. I went with the third option, maybe child endangerment like some one else said.

    I'm kind of biased though, when I was around 11 my dad let me drive a few times. empty roads, parking lots, etc. And two times, after my dad had a few too many, I drove home from my uncles house... literally less than 1/2 a mile away. But he didn't force me to drive him home, he asked me. He asked if I thought I'd be able to drive if not we could just walk home to his house. Of course I always jumped at the opportunity to drive at that age lol
  6. Child abuse.. no.. But they should give him a vasectomy so that he can't spread anymore of his retard gene...
  7. :rolleyes: Getting drunk and making your kid drive you on a dumbass 3 AM trip to the corner store has nothing to do with teaching your kid to drive.

    He should be charged with child abuse. She could have easily injured or killed herself as well as other drivers. Do you really think a 9 year old understands how to yield the right of way to thru traffic? Do you think she has a good view all around her and in all her mirrors, while still reaching the pedals easily?
  8. No, honestly I think that was decent parenting. In my opinion this was a much better option then having a drunk father drive his little girl around. The father was not abusive at all and at most a few traffic violations should be issued. If this man loses his child because of this I will be extremely angry.

  9. Yeah he was the most responsible, outstanding role model a dad can be. This child can grow up knowing that it's normal for her dad to get drunk when he knows he's out in the town with his nine year old daughter. And, he will put both of them in even more danger by letting this girl drive them around, illegally, and endangering them and everyone on the road.

    So what happens when this poor girl crashes into someone and ends up killing an innocent family?

    Please don't tell me you're a father, as much as I hate to sound rude. How can you stand up for a douchebag like that. Is that how daughters should be raised? Wtf dood, wtf. Step outside of your body and look at what you just said. I hope you're just a troll and not seriously expressing your mind.
  10. are 9 years olds not capable of driving?
  11. There's a huge difference between operating a 3,000 pound vehicle and operating it safely. Ok so how about we let all 9 year olds drive? Even if we let all 13 year olds drive we would all die within a week.
  12. if taught properly and they can prove that they can drive,looked like she was doin fine
    and it was at night with lowtraffic

  13. I fucking love when people make dumb ass blanket statements like that.

    yes... if we allowed 13 year olds to drive it would be the carapocalypse.....

    It would be genocide, the rivers would run backwords, the oceans would boil, cats and dogs getting married.....
  14. I bet he let her smoke with ciggawettes.
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  15. ciggawettes. thats cute :D
  16. This is why the prison system is the most profitable business in the world." Hood rat stuff with my friend "man ,get that kids cell ready. Maybe we will get lucky and he will die in a drive by before then.Why do black people make up 2/3 of the prisons? I believe it's parenting and environment.
  17. Night = poorer vision
    Low Traffic = Human beings on the road
    9 Years Old = The brain of a 9 year old

    Maybe one day you'll learn why that man shouldn't be allowed to produce/raise kids; and why you shouldn't either. And if not, we won't blame you for being ignorant. Don't worry big guy, there's nothing wrong with being ignorant; it just states the fact that you don't possess enough information to make a reasonable opinion regarding the topic at hand. But please, for the sake of the safety of everyone around you, don't raise kids. Don't even adopt if you're going to try and justify the actions of that lousy father.

    And ILLOGIK, it's called 'exaggerating to make a point'. Obviously not every single human being will die if 13 year old children were allowed to drive. You have to be oblivious to your surroundings if you aren't aware that the younger the driver is (below the age of 25), the higher their chances are of getting into an accident. If late teenagers have the highest risk, it only means that every year younger than 16 is that much more of a danger. So if we let everyone above the age of 13 drive, the age group 13-16 would have the highest percentage of automobile accidents. So if we aren't letting those kids drive, how mentally handicap do you have to be to think it's a good idea to get drunk in front of your daughter and put everyone at risk Did I really need to explain all of that to you? Ridiculous.
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    they dont have lightpoles where you live?
    wtf are people doing on the road?
    Brandenn Bremmer=ten years old=the brain of a ten year old
    google his name
    all i wanted was a discussion on the topic not some asshole coming in here thinking hes some godtier fucker
  19. DECENT PARENTING?!?! :mad: Holy fucking shit I hope you never have kids.

    How about when you get too drunk to drive you walk to the fucking corner store instead? Seriously how damn far is it to a gas station? Or just stay at home?

    I am very tempted to neg rep you for supporting that drunk stupid piece of shit father, but you gave your honest opinion which is fair.

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