Should this AC be able to cool a 8x8 tent inside a hot garage?

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  1. Hi guys,

    So I've already invested in a Whynter portable dual hose 14K btu AC. I set it up last week and have the intake near the floor outside the tent, and the exhaust is leading up to a air handler I made to suck the hot air out of the building. Ive noticed the tent now has a lot of negative pressure when the AC is on. I feel like its sucking the cold air it put into the tent right back out. Idk. My tent is in a garage with an ambient temp of basically whatever it is outside(90 right now) My tent has 4 315w cmh lights. Do I have this thing set up properly? and should it be able to cool my tent in these conditions? The only other equipment I have In the room is two hurricane fans and a 6"maxfan. Any advice would be awesome I can't seem to get any help from the ICMAG guys. Would it make sense to leave the intake inside the room or would that for sure pull all the cold air out? Thanks!
  2. I believe the way those units work is by having two separate air paths in the same unit...
    One path using the hose setup to suck outside air in one hose,blowing across the condenser side, ( or hot side) and strait out the exhaust hose and out of the tent.That air flow should not mix with the tent air...just strait in and out of the 'hot' side of the unit.
    Then, the other air path (the cold side) should suck tent air in thru the side louvers,thru a filter screen, across the evaporator coil,and out the top louvers , and back into the room, without mixing with the hot air path...So, theoretically,the air pressure in the tent should remain neutral....But if you're getting a negative pressure in the tent, then it means that other air handler must be sucking excessive air thru the unit ,and 'robbing' some of your cool air with it....I would remove that exhaust hose from that air handler, and just let it 'free flow' out of the building somehow.

    Hell, It's worth a shot...
    I once tried a single hose unit for a few days in my shed, and that stupid thing sucked damn near all my cool air straight out the window thru that one hose....A TERRIBLE design ! It soon went back where it came from...Home Depot .
  3. Ok, I don't think the air handler is sucking out the cold air though because its outside the tent and its really just a "catch" for the hot air. As soon as the hot air from the exhaust hits the garage air, its sucked up by the handler and exits outside. I tried hooking the handler directly too the exhaust but it was making the ac work to hard. So instead of being attached directly to the exhaust its about 1 foot away so the air can flow freely out the exhaust and then get sucked up. But I guess the louvers on the back of the ac that suck in air could be giving me the negative pressure
  4. this is the one

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