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  1. I'm tired of hearing about people hating on different genres of music. It's even gotten to the point where people don't admit that the genre they hate on requires some form of skill to create.

    Take Rap for example. There is flow, lyricism, and the beat.

    Rock requires good finger work, good vocals to match the guitars and everything. And requires ALL band members to be within a 1/4 of a second in synchronization.

    Country requires a good back story, some twang, and something to really set it apart from the other country arists you hear today.

    Dubstep requires awesome wobbles, which also incorporates variation of frequencies. As well as a good general rhythm.

    And so on and so forth. Every genre that you can think of, requires a special set of skills to produce. They can differ greatly or be extremely similar.

    You can dislike a genre all you want, just show some respect where it's due.
  2. I agree... nowadays people are not open minded enough to think about things like this. We're mostly stoners here, right? So like, take a bong rip and open up your mindddddd. (you know who you are)

    And for people to go around saying other genres sound like shit, to me is just straight up disrespectful. There are always going to be people who LOVE that genre, no matter what it is, that's why it fucking exists.

    It's all so pointless. Music is ENTIRELY based on one's own opinion.
  3. I agree.

    Except for dubstep, now that shit is awful.
  4. Then your not agreeing.

    Like I said, show some respect where it's due.

    When was the last time you created an electronic song that MILLIONS of people can listen to repeatedly?

    It's not easy.
  5. Lol, just joking man. I can dig a few songs.
  6. Didn't know man, hard to read a tone through text lol

    My apologies.
  7. I was just thinking about this. Why can't we just agree that lil b, wayne, soulja, and odd future are all faggots? :devious:
  8. Because they are not smoke-able things.
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    Haha true!! This is a great thread though...for the longest time I hated country music and I hated rap too. But I never really took the time to actually listen to those genres. Once I did, I found soo much there that I love now, and it's not on the radio...which is the thing that made me dislike those genres to begin with. I think, with most things, if you dig deep enough you can usually find something you like:)
  10. Scouse house requires skill?
  11. Who cares how much "l33t skill" it requires lol. Anyone can move their fingers quickly across a piece of wood if they sit in a room and practice doing it for hours every day.

    I wouldve thought stoners of all people could be chill when it comes to music,.
  12. agreed. can't we all just get a bong?

  13. To make a good track i think it takes a little bit of skill. Finding out what sounds go well together and then tweaking it really well.

    Could just be me though. Ehh.

    Not sure if srs lol.
  14. Meh. To me there's nothing wrong with criticism of music. As long as it's not a personal attack on the artist or the fans. I don't really care if someone doesn't agree with my tastes, because I realize people have different perspectives on such things.
  15. That's what I'm saying. You can dislike a band all you like, I'm cool with that. I just see no reason to talk shit on a band. A simple "I'm not a fan of so and so" should suffice.
  16. The only type of music I think is horrible is the one that isn't original. You know, people taking pieces of other songs and incorporating it into their own.
    Inspiration is one thing...but copying is just lame.
  17. You mean sampling?

    Sampling has been going on for a while my friend. Sampling doesn't mean that you copy, if anything it shows respect to the artist it is sampled from.
  18. I know it'd been going on for a while, but to me its just lame. If you can't make your own original're not really an artist. Just a plagiarist. :p
  19. I disagree. I think sampling is a great aspect of music. I mean if you sample an entire song, and not making your own beats or anything, then yes,your not much of an artist. But if its done one a song or every now and then I see nothing wrong with it.
  20. Omg...I totally agree op. Whenever someone asks me what type of music I like, I always say I think all music is beautiful in its own way. I have mad respect for the types I don't listen too. I consider myself very open minded.

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