Should schooling be redone?

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  1. Like most people I think the majority of the stuff you are forced to memorize or if your lucky learn in school is pointless. Now for the most part it isnt, but once you are to the point of taking algebra 3 along with other random classes that you have to take b/c you are req. to have a certain amount of credits to graduate, are just a waste of time.

    Now you may bring up, it preps you for college, well, I have another argument about college. College for most people is where you go to help you get a job in your career field. Yet, you are forced to take pointless classes for a field that will never use them.

    Having said this, I think if the schooling process was redone properly, it could be much for efficient. In a nutshell I have two ideas. I havnt thought this through at all, just something Ive just pondered.

    For my first idea, once you are in high school, the first two years are used for your basics, math, science, language & writing, history ect ect. Once you reach the final two years, you work on courses that are related to your field and other career fields, having courses in other fields allows you to change your field if you want. Now, you dont have to go into your career field that you chose to do in hig school though, if you want something different then you just start new in college. Part one of my idea is to make the public schooling more efficent instead of having kids learn something that they will forget and never use again. This idea probably has a lot of flaws but it sounds good to me.

    My second idea is probably the easiest to accomplish. In this high school is left a lone the way it is. College is what is changed in the second idea. This would have to have some government involvment of some kind Im assuming. I know at my school the standards of the classes that have to be taken have been risen quite a bit, so this is why high school doesnt have to be changed in this idea. Anyway, in college instead of them making you waste your time and most of all money, on courses you have took in high school or are highley unrelated to why youre going to school in the first place, you get your degree by taking career related courses. From what Ive been told, you waste a lot of time and money unrelated courses, I know Ive wasted 5k on classes and books for classes I took in high school, and i will continue doing so because they are required AGAIN and I can only imagine how much it costs for 2+ years of requirement classes at a university.

    Hopefully I made this some what clear, as i didnt proof read it and I just thought it up for the most part as I typed. Im basicly saying a lot of the required courses in other high school or college need to be dropped for getting your degree.

  2. i agree with you, we waste ALOT of precious time and energy from kindergarden through college. i have though about your first idea before, and i think it would work well. i think that if we could choose our "major" earlier, like in highschool, or even earlier than that, we could waste less time learning all the bullshit classes that you have to take that have nothing to do with your major. and say you want to change your major, with your idea, there wouldnt be nearly as much work going into another field. because there would be less classes. and that way you could have more options to what you want to get your degree in, insteead of being scared of a certain degree because of all the classes you have to go back and take
  3. Before you criticize the system, you have to understand what it's trying to do.....

    It's a common misconception that we are taught Algebra for some "unknown" reason, especially Algebra 2 and 3. What all of those Algebra classes do is teach you to think with a logical thought process. After all, isn't Algebra just a pre-defined logical process??

    History is taught, among other reasons, to force us to practice memorization. We all know that it really doesn't matter what year Columbus discovered America. What is important is that we tried to memorize the year. The more we practice memorization, the easier it is to memorize.

    If you take apart each subject, you can find important techniques that are almost "subliminally" (for lack of a better term) taught to us. Techniques that, if they were taken from us today, we would find hard to live without.

    BTW, I really have no opinion one way or the other right now on the original topic. If I happen to change my mind and develop an opinion, I'll repost later.
  4. I briefly read your post, I too am going into Cisco Networking. I will be talking my CCNA in about a week or so. I started to take the Cisco curriculum while still in highschool, as well as a AP statistics (failed the last class but passed the standardised test:rolleyes:). I started at a local community college with 16 credits payed for by my highshool. I even managed to take 18 credits 3 more than allowed the last semester because I took 2 college courses that only took half a semester. In doing so I also earned a Presidential award for acidemic acheivement with a 4.0gpa for the college courses.

    The Networking 2year program Im in is only 64 credits with only like 16 credits being from generals. I beleieve in the networking feild that experience and social networking is everything. A degree from a major university won't necessaraly get you a job. My school for networking has a 90% placement rate because all previous students are now employing current students because they know they will do good work. We have a problem at are school in networking where everyone gets a job before they have finished the last semester and never applied to get their associates degree.

    Starting pay with a CCNA and an Associates degree is around $40-50,000. Depending on if you know anyone you can start at the average pay around $60,000. There is no god damn way im going to 4 years of school for something that only requires 2.
  5. To answer your question, yes.

    Schooling was never important to me, other than having good grades it was really a waste. I wanted to learn philosophy, engineering and science those were my greatest subjects. My school didn't teach philosophy being it was a 'poor' school. I got tired of re-learning the same shit every year. Insomnia and depression didn't help, I was in a mess so it was hard to pull some good grades. I never understood what schools about, do work, get judged and leave. I use to be a straight A student on the honor roll. When I had the thought that school is nothing more than a judgmental facility I dropped out. Now, that may have been a stupid idea but I learned more from my thoughts then I did school.

    Finding a job might be harder for me, but I'm no idiot, I've learned alot. Surviving in the wild, taking things apart and fixing them etc. I guess I always had an advanced understanding to things but because of school I'll never be able to pursue the things I'm good at.

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