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Should my tolerance be okay if I smoke twice a day everyday?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jjassonn, Aug 2, 2011.

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    But light amounts? And by that I mean two trench fulls on the MFLB (which I think is .1-.15 grams per trench).

    If I do that everyday, will I begin to need more and more to achieve the same effects (I'm a new everyday smoker, btw), or will my tolerance plateau if I never change the amounts?
  2. it might increase slowly but after a bit you will definitely notice you need more to get high
  3. my friend smokes 4 or 5 times a day and can still get super ripped if he smokes a good amount of bud.
  4. raise it a little to get higher now and then, then if your up to smokging like .5 and not getting high that means its time for a t break
  5. Smoking twice a day will get your tolerance up pretty fast I think. But it only takes less than a week for me to lose all my tolerance, so It's not that big of a deal
  6. Dude, I guess everyone is different, but I've been a pothead for almost 12 years and not much has changed. Obviously I've built some tolerance, but I still get high with mere two hits from a glass pipe. Two hits from the Buddha sends me to the clouds...

    Of course you learn a few tricks with time :)

    I wouldn't measure how much you're smoking by grams. I measure how much I smoke by hits :p as my hippie uncle always said, two hits is all you need lol

    Just keep in mind the MFLB will make you take your time to vape, since you have to "sip" on the vapor, but if you get a bigger vaporizer, like a Buddha, I can almost guarantee you'll be ripped in two good hits :)
  7. It will take a while for your tolerance to get too high. I smoked all day everyday and it took about a couple months to get to the point of not getting high anymore.

  8. That has never happened to me. I've been smoking/vaping several times a day, everyday, for several years, and I still get super ripped. That's why I measure it by hits... Moderation is the key. I never take more than two hits, and save that third hit for special occasions :)
  9. Thanks man, you are very informative dood... -_-

  10. From my experience of building a tolerance, I still get super baked but the timespan that I am high decreases dramatically. My friends who would smoke less than me will still be blasted while I am on the downhill of my high
  11. That's exactly right man, you nailed it.
  12. A full trench on the MFLB will raise your tolerance quickly. Its pure THC hits and for me it hits me slow, so I'm doin hits after hits wreckin the tolerance.
  13. I'm a new smoker but I have been smoking a lot. Whenever I smoke with my veteran friends they still get almost as high as me with the same amount. So I wouldn't worry about my tolerance level if I were you. And if you notice it going up, just stop for a little while (week at most) no big deal. Hope this helped.

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