Should minors have the ability/right to buy birth control freely?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by IThinkItsTime, May 14, 2011.

  1. (Or any other contraceptive methods such as spermicides and condoms.)
    Without the need for parental consent.

    Personally, I believe that they are teenagers. They are going to do it regardless. I feel as if you might as well make them safe while doing it.

    What are your opinions?
  2. I think they should be able to get the meds without parental consent, BUT, I also think parents have the right to find out what their kids are taking. Current confidentiality laws do not allow this.
  3. I've never lived in a state where condoms/spermicidal lubricants were something that only legal adults could purchase.

    Is that pretty common anywhere else in the US?
  4. Only those who reached puberty. Good luck at the cash register.
  5. I agree. But also I feel as though teenagers should be able to talk to their parents about these things. But OBVIOUSLY, not all teenagers can speak to their parents. I know several ones with very strict, authoritarian parents.

    Even mine. I remember before they would say, "NO BOYS. END OF DISCUSSION."
    They were those kind. Also, all topics like that were pretty much closed since I have a sister who got knocked up at the age of 16. I understand why they feel that way, but I have to remember not to do the same things to my own kids if I have any. It's not safe to me. I'd rather lead them in the right direction and trust that they know how to use it safely.
  6. I still have the condoms that they give you in grade 6 for sex ed
    I still have the deoderant too.. maybe thats why im such a loser
  7. I don't think it's illegal for minors anywhere to buy them. I haven't seen any states with those type of restrictions. I was just asking if any blades thought it was a good/bad idea for minors to be able to buy any.
  8. Exactly.

    My parents were too scared to have the "sex talk" with me. When I got to college, it was like a new world opening to me. I had quite the scare when a girls told me she was pregnant. It turned out she wasn't, but it still sucked, and I have a feeling that could have been prevented by better parenting.
  9. Yes, and I remember me crying to my mom trying to explain my feelings (always had anxiety. I pretty much had a shitty life in my house.) and she'd just yell at me. It seemed like my parents were always assuming the worst of me, just because all of my other siblings fucked themselves over, apparently I'm going to do so, as well. I've never really had a good relationship with my parents. There's always been tension in my house. Life would definately be easier if I had a good relationship with my parents.
  10. Fuck Em'
  11. Can I assume you are female?
  12. Yes. I am definately am a female. And just to be sure, I've checked numerous times. :D
  13. I thought so.

    Your story reminded me of a lot girls during my freshman year.
  14. Ah. Freshman year was terrible.
  15. yes kids should have the right to condoms,but for women,birth control pills are damaging to their insides :( it would just be everyones best interest to save it till your old enough to make the decision to have a child and can support it on your own.babies are expensive :eek: plus you lower your chances of getting a S.T.I :D

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