Should Meth Be Legal?

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    So lately Ive been thinking a lot about the legalization of weed. I think it's safe to say that pretty much everyone on this site believes weed should be legal to smoke and should be available for sale in certain stores. Many people say (and have tests to back it up) that alcohol is more damaging than weed, and thus the government shouldn't push the idea that alcohol is "safer" by keeping it legal and keeping marijuana illegal.

    And I completely agree with this and all the other pro-pot allegations, but where do we draw the line? I mean, many of the same arguments used to advocate the legalization of weed could just as easily be made for a drug like meth or heroin. For instance, many people believe the government really shouldn't have the right to mandate what we consume or purchase; not just with drugs, but everything. But how would you feel if meth was actually available for sale in all of your gas stations and walmarts? I think a lot of people, pot smokers and simple folk alike, would not be too thrilled.

    So, I'd love to hear people's thoughts on this. And if anyone can successfully argue why weed or alcohol should be legal, but not hard drugs such as meth, heroin or cocaine please speak up :D:D
  2. Hopefully it is never legal. Some drugs have no positive benefit to society.
  3. Well I think it might help avoid the meth related crime that goes on.
    but eventually it'd fuck out, and peoples habits would get to chaotic levels with the lowered prices IMO.

    I think heroin should be legal (for me and a few buddys only ;) )
    but thats a biased opinion, cos my family would disagree
  4. sigh this is why humans are not evolving but devolving.

    How can a drug addiction benefit your long term goals in life unless you have none?
  5. Im sorry but I hope to god it never gets legalized.
    Drug legalization can only go so far..
  6. How does alcohol or tobacco benefit society? By creating jobs...that's about it. Alcohol ruins more lives, kills more people than all illegal drugs combined. Sure, it's mostly because it's used much more often but if we're frightened by all the damage caused by meth or heroin can you even imagine all the damage done by alcohol?
  7. I disagree,
    Hitler IV'd meth daily and just look at all the shit he got done.

    you'd be surprised at how many people pulling the strings use amphetamines to supplement their lives.

    and opiates too, many GREAT doctors and surgeons had private addictions but never let it interrupt their lives
  8. Alcohol is bad I don't like it, don't condone it. It should be illegal imo with meth.

    zeppelin doctors using opiates should be fired. They are the ones leaving equipment inside patients bodies. Also if you're pro hitler and pro meth this conversation is over for me.

  9. Well I'd say it's a matter of personal choice, and not something the government should be involved with. I mean, by that same logic, why should fast food still be legal? Its been proven that even eating fast food once a day can cause serious long term health risks. But many people would say the government doesn't have any right to prohibit the selling of McDonald's food.

    So who gets to decide whats ok and what isn't? Like I said, I believe that it should be entirely up to the individual and the govt should worry about other things. Nobody makes a fuss about drugs being illegal because theyre always portrayed in a negative connotation. But just because they run a few commercials everyone should lose their rights?

    And I'm not saying you should be able to walk up to quick trip and buy 4 pounds of it. There are many ways the govt could regulate it by limiting the amount you can buy in a month or a week etc.
  10. Technically meth is legal in the form of perscription Desoxyn

    As far as it being legal for recreation. Now I really don't think it should be. And i'd say that thats the only drug I really think that about. I just think too many people would use it as a 'cheat' in a sense to get shit done. And thats just going to expand the laziness of the country. Why try hard sober, when I can just take this pill (thats extremly damaging physically) and get everything and then some done.
  11. I respect and understand your view on the subject. The fact is the government is never going to let me people run the country, or decide what is and is not illegal. That being said, many man hours and bills have been passed to ensure this drug is not legal. This should suggest that meth is not beneficial to society or any individual who is unaware of their meth addiction escalation.
  12. Am I the only one who thinks t should be? The government has no right to decide what is too powerful too put in your body, that's a decision only you can make. I can't see too many people running towards meth after it's legal. Have you heard of the forbidden fruit theory of legalization? Where kids are drawn towards weed because there's a huge social taboo on it? If meth's the only one still illegal, then that'd be the forbidden fruit. and if alcohol being less a vailable to minors than weed is, and if that's applicable to meth, after weed is legal, and being one of the only illegal substances do you want meth more available to your kids than weed? Plus it's just immoral to send someone to jail for putting a substance into their body,
  13. Yep. It is a war of personal choice and freedom. What the government is saying is "we know what is best". This is the current status of illegal amphetamines.
  14. meth does make people get shit done lol but its not good for you..
  15. I think meth should be legal. Heroin too.

    If I was offered meth or heroin, I wouldn't do it. If you were offered it and had all the information you have now about it, and you didn't want to do it while it was illegal, would you suddenly want to do it since it's legal? No, you wouldn't. Just because something's illegal doesn't stop someone from trying a substance.
    I can go downtown right now and score some dope in 10 minutes. No questions asked. If I had a 15 year old sister she could do the same. She could have a huge problem because maybe she smoked something that wasn't what she paid for (something got cut in) and now maybe she's in the ER and no one has any idea what to do so she'll probably die since they don't know what's wrong with her.
    If H or meth or coke or whatever was legal, it wouldn't be cut with anything, people would be able to get dosage advice, people would be able to do things in the privacy of their own homes, and people wouldn't have to worry about getting killed by dealers. Plus the whole it keeps it out of the hands of kids.

  16. That's another thing I hadn't even thought about. Like you said, a 15 year old would have no problem buying drugs like heroin or meth. Dealers don't care, they just want their money. If it was sold behind a counter, with an ID checker and a black light it'd be damn near impossible for them to get it.

    Now you can say people can get fake IDs but the only way fake IDs work are when theyre only glanced at. If people actually took the time to check it with a blacklight or swipe it (which they should with something as serious as H or M) there's no way you could trick them.

    Maybe someone out there is making some really legit fake ids, but still the number would be greatly reduced.
  17. Kinda a dumb thread no offense...meth shouldn't be legal because its a very very harmful drug alchoal is safer then meth almost any drug is...weed should be legal because its basically harmless and has killed NOBODY thats exactaully why it should be legal theirs nuthin wrong with relaxing and hurting no one..on meth you get really parinoid and can get really stupid at times. Anything made with Drain Cleaner, Anhydrous ammonia, Battery acid,Paint thinner, and Freon TOGETHER should most deff. not be legal its common sence.

  18. You've never been paranoid or done anything stupid after smoking weed? If that's your only argument besides it's ingredients, (which don't necassarily mean anything, alot of life saving drugs are made with dangerous chemicals), then by your logic weed should stay illegal also.
  19. Of course it should...
  20. Woah bro, Weed paranoia and meth paranoia is a whole different level. And no actually i dont do stupid shit on weed i chill alcohols a different story. And you let me know what pharmaceutical drugs have ingrediants like meth does in them. Meth can kill you your first try and thats true so dont say its propaganda. Meth also makes you hullicanate which can lead to stupid behavior also. Its just not a safe drug and its HIGHLY addictive period!

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