Should mentaly unstable persons smoke?

Discussion in 'General' started by ubik, Dec 13, 2002.

  1. Ok the thing is. I have this friend who wasn't quite stable (well to tell the truth, some people we're quite scared of him)
    and we we're smoking and listening to Zyklon (godd BM band) we had done this for some 4 hours and suddenly he paused the music and looked all freaked out, so I asked "what's up?" he look'd at me and said "I just heard that I die at the end of this song" so we listened the song and he jabbered similar types of stuff (note: there was no humour of anyknid involved, he was dead serious about everything) so we went outside for a siggie, as we sat there he started to laugh and giggle and shake like somebody was tickling him, so I asked "who's tickling you?" (there's was nobody expect us out there) adn he replied without hesitation "Kristiina" wich is the name of a lady he has had kind of an obsession for a loong time. So I asked is there anybody else around he replied "well marjukka is over there and kristiinas here on my lap, but I don't know if there's anyone else", he went on and on about these persons that weren't there´. Later that week he gave me a call where he mourned about how depressed he is and I gave him some psychiatric help, but that wasn't the end of it he sarted to call every sunday about how he has these Dreams, and how he sometimes beats the walls od his apartement sleeping etc.

    Now he has moved to a different city where they were trying to put him to the mental hospital but he didn't go, he's better now infact he's doin' better than ever, but the point:He wasn't that crazy before he started smoking hash, wich I introduced to him. Is it safe for mentaly unstable people to smoke it?
  2. Mentaly ill people should not smoke marijuanna. Esp. if they are psycotic.

    Don't mix up mentally ill for being a when some one is being dumb.....though.
  3. not yeah BH point. Listen, I honestly didnt read all they wa y through your post, but from wha I got, BH, gota good point baby...AND one step.

    my aol msgr is the same, got forit. just becareful with all. oK? gotchme?
  4. i have a freind that had the same problem as urs. she saw ppl that wernt there, talked to them..told me about them and shit. pretty creepy stuff. she was like borderline insane already, then she dropped acid and thats what triggered the whole ordeal. she went to the mental place and everything and got a lot better. but anywyas, we were tryin to decide if she could smoke pot or not. well, we ended up smoking cuz she figured she would some day and she might as welldo it now and find out what happens. but nothing happend to her, shes doin perfectly fine for as far as i know. that was like a year ago, but i havent talked to her in awhile. so, i dunno if its ok for him, but she seemed to do ok with it. i wish i could met some of the ppl she used to talk about tho, lol. some of them sounded pretty cool to me.hehe
  5. Yeah I know what you mean, our drummer is a person who just does stuff and thinks about it latter (we've gotten a lot of problems because of him) but he's a nice guy and one of my best friends. But to the mentaly unstable: he's eating some pills that stabilize him, and he smokes but what I've seen and heard he's almost normal now? but anyway, if you have doubts about it I'd suggest you don't touch it.
  6. I believe it would depend on the individual's diagnosis and how the person responds to MJ.

    Some ADD people have increased concentration abilities with MJ than without.

    Obviously if you smoke MJ and see that it affects your cognitive abilities then you should NOT use it at all. If Sativa does you bad, try Indica, if they both affect you negatively, then drop toking altogether.

    Common sense should dictate that if something has a negative affect on you, then don't do it.

    I haven't read all the responses, but if someone said this already, sorry for the regurgitation.

    Den Activist

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