Should Men Have the Right to Commit Financial Abortions?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Niveuspuer, Aug 8, 2012.

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  1. A mother can give the baby away to the state's orphanage/adoption services with no financial obligation. Why shouldn't men be afforded that same opportunity? Or do you think women shouldn't be allowed to skirt financial obligations to a child they birthed?
  2. I was speaking merely in the context of the male equivalent of abortion. Whoever has custody after the child is birthed can choose whether or not they wish to take financial responsibility, or not.
  3. Men can choose to pay child support? Shit, that's news to me.
  4. No, I just didn't use the word 'should', I like to type as if we are living in a perfect world.
  5. I'd go with it if I was a woman...

    shit, free money essentially.
  6. If that is the case, then I misunderstood what 'it' was in the original quote. My mistake.

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    I believe that the patriarchal family system is best - the father is the head of the family in this type of society, and therefore is responsible for the welfare of his children. Men would have to be more responsible, and not impregnate girls and women, because they are the ones who will end up with these offspring. If a man can't provide for his children, then they will have to be put up for adoption, taken by relatives or sent to an orphanage.

    I am sure that the vast majority of people in prison, both men and women, came from single-mother homes. This is not to say that all female-headed households are terrible for children, as many are excellent, but it's very obvious that a lot of people who turn to crime have grown up with many disadvantages, and poverty is one of the chief culprits. If these maladjusted individuals had been raised in stable families with two parents, or at least under the guidance of a responsible male father figure, I'd wager that most of them would not have turned to crime (with the exception of traditional organized crime families).

    Responsibility without rights is wrong, and that is what is being done to fathers across the country who have been forced by the law to leave the house where their children reside - yet they must fork over money to the mother every month, and if they fail to do so they will be subject to wage garnishments and more serious penalties.
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    If its all about the money...

    There are too many opportunities for men and women to prevent having to pay for raising a child regardless of relationship status...

    Birth Control Pills
    Plan B
    Abortion ( split cost 50/50 at that point)

    If a woman descides to keep and raise a child thats her choice, the woman should tell the man she is pregnant and not keep it a secret before its too late. If notified in a timley manner the man wants nothing to do with a child and the women still wants the child thats her choice, if its about money and the child's happiness and the mother can't privide these then adoption is way to go.

    Then there is the hospital bill for a pregnancy! Again the man should be informed and not have the ball dropped on him last moment, if the man denies responsibility and took proper precautions like using a condom suggesting even paying for birth control pills and making it clear he does not want a child then why should he be held responsible for the hospital bill?

    Abortion if both parties want an abortion, great 50/50 that shit.

    Adoption if both parties agree to adoption, both parties took precautions, 50/50 the hospital bill.

    Accidents happen,
    I am one.

  9. So... do you believe woman are equal to men or do you not?
    I guess we just disagree that a male headed household is better than a female headed household, most of the time.

    Which, of course, is bullshit and unjust. But doesn't add anything to the first part of your post.

  10. He's not.

    The hospital bills related to pregnancy and child birth are the responsibility of the mother (unless the man voluntarily chooses to help her pay)

    In some states, some childbirth related expenses are considered part of child support, but only if those expenses relate to the baby- and not the mother.
  11. I'm interested to see where you stand on the rest of the issue Penelope, having seen your position on abortion in other threads
  12. The question is if men are forced to pay child support why does the father have no say in whether or not the mother can get an abortion? Gender equality is not a one way street.


    Two posts in a thread making sense was too much to ask for?

  13. The easy answer would be to say that if a man doesn't want the financial responsibility of a child, then he shouldn't have sex!

    It's been argued over and over again that a woman's choice to have sex is a "contract", and therefore she should be forced to go through pregnancy, labor and childbirth.

    Apparently that same logic doesn't apply to men. To be clear, I don't agree with that line of reasoning. I'm just pointing out the irony.

    Contrary to what the OP states, women do not have "infinite" choices. she has a very narrow window of time where she can choose to terminate her pregnancy.

    I know, it's soooooo unfair that she gets to make that decision all on her own, but biology isn't fair. If men could get pregnant, then I would argue that abortion is entirely their decision to make. What is the alternative? Should a man be able to force a woman to go through pregnancy and childbirth? Should a man be able to force a woman to have an abortion?

    Beyond abortion women and men have the same exact responsibilities to their child. Neither can give the child up for adoption without the other's consent, and neither can shirk their financial responsibilities to the child they created.

    We also need to look at the social implications of allowing men to commit "financial abortion". How many more women would need to go on public assistance? That is often the end result of deadbeat dads.

  14. The thing is, neither should be allowed. Nobody should be given the "choice" to end an innocent life. But if women are allowed to kill a baby they don't want, men should not be required to provide for a child they don't want.
  15. I take it you're unaware of the concept of adoption?
  16. Uh, adoption also applies to men.

    It works both ways. Women can also be forced to pay child support.
  17. Should a man be compensated financially by the mother if she aborts pregnancy and the father wanted to keep it?
  18. I've argued this point for years ... Right to choose means women rights to choose for herself , baby and man. W
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    But men don't have the right to choose to adopt the child out if the woman doesn't consent to it. And unless the man can get the woman to consent to it, he's still roped into financial responsibility for the child.

    That is extraordinarily uncommon.
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