Should Men Have the Right to Commit Financial Abortions?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Niveuspuer, Aug 8, 2012.

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    Have you ever considered the fact that in America, women have virtually infinite opportunities to choose not to become mothers once they've been impregnated but men are forced by law to take on several reponsibilities once they've impregnated a woman [and the baby is successfully birthed and kept by the mother] regardless of whether or not they wanted a baby?

    Edit: And of course, after a "financial abortion" the man would have no right to be in the life of the child ever again.

    Imo, this is a very underrepresented and rarely considered issue, I'm just curious as to where we stand on it.
  2. They should have to flip a coin
  3. I put, Yes, but only if the conception occured under false premises. Also when the father does pay child report they should have equal rights, visitation and custody unless it can be shown that the father is abusive, physically, sexually or even mentally. Although I'm sure the mental abuse stipulation will be abused, by some twit judge. None of this bullshit where the dad smokes mj and so is stripped of custody rights.
  4. Guys sign off their rights all the time if that's what you mean..and then they don't have any right to see them like you said and don't have to pay child support or anything
  5. But that usually can't be done in most cases unless the mother of the child consents to it. Even then, with both parties supporting a termination of parental rights, the judge still might not allow it.
  6. I put under no circumstances, but I'd change that if they both signed some legally-binding document waiving child support should conception occur.
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    If a couple is not married, and they have a child, the payment of child support should not be legally required from the man, unless he signed a contract promising to pay such support before the birth.

    In the case of a divorce, custody of the children should go to the man in most cases. This would cut down on broken homes and aid in preventing women from ending up as impoverished single-mothers. It would also provide a more stable home for the children, at least until the youngest ones are in their mid-to-upper teens. In cases of proven spousal or child abuse by either or both of the partners, the divorce and child custody would be handled in an appropriate manner prescribed by law.
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    Don't stick your dick in the hole unless you're sure the outcome of your orgasm is guaranteed to be what you want it to be. Get a vasectomy.

    Otherwise, pay up and shut up.
  9. "Do as I say or shut up."

    I voted yes if it's under false circumstances, but then is it fair to punish a child for it's mother's actions?

  10. You can say the same thing against those who are pro choice, "Don't stick your dick (or let someone stick their dick) in the hole unless you're sure the outcome of your orgasm is guaranteed to be what you want it to be." As in be responsible and use contraception, instead of abortion and especially instead of making us pay for your abortion.

    (Disclaimer: I am pro choice, but I also like to point out unsound arguments)

  11. :eek: something that you said makes sense???
  12. [quote name='"Flemian"']

    :eek: something that you said makes sense???[/quote]

    My thoughts exactly haha.
  13. Don't stick your dick in the hole unless you're prepared to deal with the consequences...

    Get a dick in your hole...and then it's your body, so choose the consequences...
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    Definitely one of garrison's more reasonable posts. Seriously, bravo.

  15. A broken clock shows the correct time twice a day.
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    If a woman refuses to get an abortion than the male should not be forced to pay for it.

    If the male used a condom every time and made it clear he did not want a child, and the female failed to hold up to her 50/50 responsibility (BC,female condoms) then he should not be legally required to pay. It's a 50/50 split. Even though there's surgical abortions, plan b, abortion pills, not to mention the much more successful contraceptives: birth control, female condoms, this weird thing you can have shoved up your vag, hormone rings,etc,etc.

    Well aware of the whole "you knew the risks" well yes I did, but I also took the necessary steps to prevent those risks while she failed to do so. If I was dating a girl and neither of us was in the financial position to take care of a child and she failed to use logic and to make the rational decision and aborting it at least I would know shes not the sharpest tool in the shed and I would instantly dump her.
  17. I never even thought of this but it's an excellent point. If women are given the right to kill their child because they don't feel like having it, a man should have the right to have zero obligations to a child if he doesn't want it before it's born.

    I definitely do not agree or support this principle because I believe that people should not be able to end an innocent life but if women are given the right "to choose", so should men.
  18. this part i don't understand. why not just pick the better fit for each indiv. case?

    how would this make less broken homes?
    how is having impoverished single-fathers better?
    how is a man's home more stable than a woman's?
  19. yes but only if they have a contract prior to conception that the female signed that can be shown to the judge. Otherwise dudes would just lie to get in the pussy and be like what? i never agreed to pay for this little shit!!!!!
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    Of course they should have the right. Gender equality works both ways. However, like a mother can't abort a baby after its birth, the father should have to declare his 'abortion' before birth.
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