Should marijuana be legal? My addiction Story

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    So I want to tell you a story of my weed addiction and the negative impact it had on my mental health. Please read this entire thing to grasp what I am getting at. Luckily I am fully recovered and doing well, but this story's purpose is that weed does have negative effects on some individuals. I am very much pro-legalization, but discontinued smoking weed because of the impact it had on me. So my story starts at the age of 17.
    I started doing research on weed and gaining and interest in it. Eventually I met a girl on facebook and we got together to smoke weed. Long story short I didn't get high at all. It took a few times of smoking weed for me to finally get high (not sure why) but the first time I got high it was the strongest feeling I have ever had. I smoked a few blunts in a car with friends and from that moment on marijuana was my life. I got high everyday multiple times a day. I did dabs, edibles, bud, ect and tried every method of ingestion for weed possible. I had a medical card that has since expired (im 21 now) and would basically just smoke weed all day everyday constantly being high. When I was off weed for some time I would get easily irritated, irritable, not be able to sleep, and just had a weird feeling like something was off with myself. Few years go by and I start to become delusional and paranoid of everyone and everything. I thought I was constantly being watched by the government and basically became a fully fledged tweaker. These effects would last even when I wasn't high off weed. I would think police drones in the sky were watching me even though I wasn't engaged in illegal activity and basically thought my family and friends were out to get me.
    Eventually it took months of being off weed and being on an antipsychotic (risperdal) to get rid of my paranoia. If someone could explain another theory as to why I became delusional (I was diagnosed with a delusional disorder) then please do. Could my weed have been laced? I really don't know to be honest but my guess best was it was the weed and the doing it in excess that messed with my brain. The point I am trying to make is that weed isn't for everyone and there are risks to it like any drug (though far less risks then drugs like alcohol) but that's my story and I'd like to hear your guys input on what happened and whether weed should be more restricted when legalization takes place (if it does)
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  2. paragraphs would help in reading and comprehension...use the "enter" key.
  3. Like You said, Weed isn't for everybody. Glad You're doing better.
    And yeah, it was probably the massive daily doses that did You in.
  4. If you are "fully recovered" at the age of 21, then you can continue to smoke weed because you are not addicted anymore. I have been addicted to weed for 45 fuckin years and i'll NEVER recover from my addiction. And yes, Cannabis in all its forms should be federally legal. I want the Burpee seed company to start selling sour diesel seeds at home depot.
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    Starting at 17yo you are guaranteed to have damage you brain beyond belief
    the delusional crap is an obvious indicator,
    then signing up here the worlds largets dope site?
    and ranting on about how you abused yourself is 'vain unto'

    the issue isn't you but the millions of other 'merican kids
    also screwing their minds for a cheap hit,

    never have we old hippies ever heard of CHS until about 10 years ago,
    their will be another lost teen tomorrow wait and see

    but hey you still got booze yo
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  6. There have been studies linking marijuana to psychosis, but they need to do more studies on it tbh. 17 is also not that young tbh but I guess that's my opinion. I feel a lot of tokers on here started when they were teens as well and they never experience the shit I went through.
  7. Yeah, but I don't want to be hella paranoid again...
  8. Then I would suggest you not consume it. Is that why you came here?
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  9. Well part of me wants to smoke again, but I don't want the paranoia. Do you think that the weed might not of been the cause of the paranoia? I just want answers because I can't seem to find out if weed can do this to someone or maybe my shit was laced or something
  10. Talk to your doc/pysch about it man, bunch stoners on the internet won't help much as far as a solid answer, especially if you've been diagnosed with something. I have a schizophrenic friend who can't smoke weed cause it makes his delusions and hallucinations worse to the point of hospitalization. Sober and he's a cool dude, a bit out there but a good guy. I'd imagine you're thinking is correct on blaming your condition.

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  11. Marijuana-use disorder is what they call it. Also, it's no surprise that some people become psychotic since 3% of people will experience a psychotic episode in their lifetime. As for your question about why this happened to you. It could be genetic, a result of childhood abuse, or the most likely cause for you, which is drug use. Though once you stopped using weed you still required medication so probably genetic too.
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  12. Bro you are obviously powerless over aniexty brought on by cannabis. I suggest you go to marijuana anonymous meetings to become "fully recovered" by the time you are 31. Best of luck bro.
  13. the point being that if weed were still illegal ..would he and all them teens still smoke it...?

    I think not if you remember back in the 70-90's we had to be smart and cool and groovy
    even a weed shaped air freshner in the car would get the kids and vets at the dea tracking you for months

    tell me back then, that one day it will be legal,(cool)
    but the current teenz would be overdosiing even killing themselves to avoid reality
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  14. I Startted Smoking Weed at 13 lol...noting wrong with me from that im just fine. I don't Believe it causes any Problems like addiction or Psychosis tbh. That's just what Anti Marijuana People want you to Believe.

  15. lol but Dizzy you said yourself way back you have issues trying to remember stuff?

  16. Yes I do but that's because I have a Brain Injury Vostok.

    Im not Trying to make any one Mad but I just never had any Problems an I started Getting High Early asl.

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  17. Uhh. Okay. Who cares?

    All drugs can harm you if you use them at a young age below 25. The brain is still developing. Your ass is just seeing the harm 1st hand. I have too cause I started when I was 15.

    Will continue today cause I don't care. Anything can harm you if you use it in excuss too including weed.

    You can't handle it? Don't use it. It's that simple.
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  19. So because you cannot handle using weed without it negatively affecting your life, you are asking whether that is a reason it ought not be legal? There are at least a minor number people that use any recreational drugs that will have problems. But should that be the basis for banning their use by those that don't have significant negative issues especially if the percentage with problems are small, and those that have problems simply can by their own choice not use whatever? Are you also saying that despite the negative effects, because you and few others that personally don't have enough self control to stop on your own, that everyone else as in the majority that do have self control ought not be allowed lest it attract a few of those that cannot? Should we ban chocolate candy because some will become obese? Or wine because a few by their own choice will become winos? Or porn because some have chosen to wack off multiple times each day, day after day.

    What about opioids? Now there the question is different because almost all junkies have severe problems just like with a list of other hard drugs and those problems impact the rest of us.

    One needs to understand most of those with weed issues just need to look in the mirror and bare some responsibility as an adult human. Weed is not only not a drug that those with weak self control ought avoid but also those that already have mental problems that any recreational drug may make worse. At the top of the list is smoking too much, too often, day after day, week after week, year after year without much of a real life other than getting high.
  20. Many things are made tedious for the majority because a select few can't handle themselves

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