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Discussion in 'General' started by bobmarley15, May 25, 2010.

  1. okayy so i broke up with my gf a month ago n she doesnt smoke but i do and yesterday she said she wanted to try it n asked me to give her some bud but im not sure if i should like it just feels kinda sketcy i just thiink shes still mad and is treying to get me caught with weed idk i just doesmnt feel rigtht should i do it anyway?:smoke:
  2. If you guys are on good terms, I'd say smoke her out.
  3. Make her pay then suck you up.

    duh huhhhhhhh
  4. Nobody should have to pay for there first smoke. Find out where she is trying to smoke and with who, and offer to smoke her out. Just make sure she is comfortable.

    I doubt shes trying to set you up, that would really be the lamest thing ever, I dont think she cares that much that you broke up with her.
  5. she wants you to just give her weed? haha no way man

    if you want, smoke with her.. but that might be weird, since you broke up with her.
  6. i mean, if youre really worried about her ratting you out, then have her in the car at the same time. whats she gonna do, rat on you with her there?
  7. you should smoke her out at your place than put your dick in her;)

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