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Should I?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by lotuis, Jun 26, 2004.

  1. Every night I smoke before i go to bed and now i've got family over and don't know if i should. I usually just do it my room with nothing to cover up the smoke cause i really just don't care much about the smoke and have never got'n caught for three years! but right now as i type my uncle who is a sherriff (in another state) is sleep just a few feet from my door in the other room and my grandparents are in the room after that. Well, should I toke? ...i'm actually loading a small bowl right now but i'm just wondering what people think of this situation... so, should I?
  2. Well, when I was younger I was in a very similar situation, and I smoked. Turns out they smelled it and it really embarrassed my parents, even though theyre cool with it. Id say go for a walk.

    Ps if you get caught your rents may over react to show the sheriff whats up

  3. Just take a walk or smoke in the shower..let hot water run in the shower and the smoke particles will stick to the water particles and the smell also goes away real fast...
  4. I would agree. Go outside.
  5. although its familly, I wouldnt take the risk
  6. blow smoke in the sheriff's face.
  7. Haha ^. I'd like to change my response to that.
  8. i would say go with the shower thing
  9. They'll probably still smell it in the shower, just go for a walk, much less risky. If you can't go out, lean out your window or something.
  10. yeah....dont risk it....shower or walk....or go spend the night at a friends house
  11. hahaha, i liked all the responses. thank you everyone. Well, what i did was i just crawled under my bed and exhailed all the smoke into some dirty laundry. i thought of the shower, but unfortunatly i haven't a window in my bathroom at all (it's in a basement) and other people use it. I didn't want to go outside cause that means i'd have to walk past my Grandparents AND my Uncle, which is just no good. Tonight i think i'm just going to get way comfy in my bed and smoe under the sheets, than i can just clean them tomarrow cause they need a good cleanen. well, thanks all!!
  12. Blow the smoke in your uncle's face man. It'll work I swear. The best defence is a good offence.
  13. InDEED AHAH Really man ahah thats funny shit laffs

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