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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by mthrfckrz, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. okay so this is what it my setup looks like now..

    i can tell you it got way hotter in here after i put those 2 other cfl's in here but i have the fan and humidifier blowing right at the plant..

    should i remove one of the 42w bulb until it starts to flower?..

    as u can see its 2 of each

    2 - 27w=100w


    2 - 42w=150w


    and the clones are separated and by a paper blocking the other lights..

  2. whats the temperature in there? it might be fine but i would probably take one of the red spectrum bulbs out..are you trying to use cfls the entire grow?
  3. uhmmm just on this plant ..

    seen some great plants grown with cfl's..
  4. yea for sure, cfls have grown amazing plants... as to your question though without knowing the temperature of your grow space its hard to say whether or not its getting too hot in there..shoot for the high 70s or lower 80s during the day...i believe around 78 is an ideal temperature.
  5. word..

    i appreciate the help..

    yeah i changed 2 more and they are all now.. just DAYLIGHT cfl's & the temp is about 82...

    im sure it will drop later on tonite..

    i got a fan, humidifier blowing at the plnats.. so im sure its @ the 70's when the air hits the plant!



    the plant is about 8 inches tall... should i start to set the flowering lights around 1 foot?.. so i can start to flower it?.. how does that work?.. im new to this..
  6. no problem man, your setup looks good...for flowering you will want to wait until its about 12 inches tall...generally the way flowering works is you veg the plant under 18/6 lighting schedule until its about a foot and then cut the light schedule to 12 hours on and 12 off to start the plant producing its buds.
  7. uhmm i had this clone for about a week and it's got very big and healthy..

    now since i have those 5 CFL's going.. ive had it on for 0-24... when i had only 2...

    added 3 yesterday.. now the problem is i never have turned them off..

    when should i start the 16on & 8off?..

    should i wait till it gets more than 12 inches.. and then start the light cycle?.... with the 6500k? or the 2700K?

    im lost at that part

    please break it down... i appreciate it so much!!
  8. anyone reading this, correct me if im wrong but im pretty sure you can start your 12/12 light cycle nowish..ive never started from clones, but what ive done is keep a seedling under 24 hours light until its a few inches tall, and then switch to 18/6 to give the little thing a bit of a rest, finally moving it into the 12/12 flowering room when its about a foot tall..i think since you started with clones it might have been alright to put it right into you know what strain the clones are? it might help you decide how big to let it grow before flowering...if youve got a big tall sativa on your hands you might want to throw it into flowering immediately! as to which bulbs to use, use whichever is the more red tinted spectrum..maybe throw some blue on there..change it up if you want, i hear a full spectrum effect is good for big strong plants ha.

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