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  1. Earlier today I spotted a small patch of bud rot on one of my buds. I immediately cut the branch a few buds lower than the one infected. This bud was near the back of plant and wasn't getting much light or air circulation. The problem is I'm in Florida, and the humidity is terrible. I have a fan blowing over them and have been shaking them after every rain yet still got some bud rot. My question is should I yank it now or should I just watch it closely for anymore rot? If I yank it, how will the buds be? I would love to go at least 2 more weeks, but don't know if I should risk losing everything, but if the buds are still to young, that wouldn't be good either. IMG_20170824_102812.jpg IMG_20170824_102649.jpg IMG_20170824_102042.jpg
  2. I'd keep cutting out the rot. That plant has longer than 2 weeks to go.
  3. Anything you suggest I can do to prevent more bud rot? These plants are 8 feet plus. Can't cover them from all this rain we've been getting without it drawing unwanted attention.
  4. That's a hard one. When I get rain during bloom, I use a leaf blower to blow off excess water. It works great.
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  5. I've been shaking them and have a oscillating fan running 24hrs over them. The humidity just sucks here.
  6. Actually I don't man, I know how the weather is there, I go to fort Meyers a few times a year and fish and stay with family, the weather is brutal and humid. I have no expeirence with that environment. Here botrytis isn't a big issue for me, it's the powdery mildew. If I do see it I just cut it out and keep good air flow just like you're doing.
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  7. Bump your Cu and Ca.

    Bud rot can also be due to nutrient deficiencies. Extra copper and calcium will help here, Good luck.
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  8. Thanks just upped the nutes this morning. Gave extra Cu and Ca.
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