Should I write this book.

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  1. I have this idea for a book about the pope fighting being a zombie killer, should I write it, or is the pope copywrited?
  2. Don't do drugs kids.
  3. Sorry, but could you reconstruct that sentence?

    I've done a Google search and according to this article Vatican awards self 'unique copyright' on Pope The Register the Vatican has given the Pope its own 'unique copyright,' which in reality has no means of being enforced. So legally you're free to write a book about him.
  4. I'm sure the pope could stop you from writing a book about him being a zombie killer.

    Try writing about the Vatican instead of the pope himself, they are fair game.
  5. This thread is sooo win.
  6. There was a movie in the early '90's called "The Pope Must Die." It was about the Mafia trying to kill a good man that was elected Pope so that they can put a Mafia guy in his place.

    It pissed people in the Church off, so they forced the movie makers to change the name at the last minute. They already had all the posters and promotional material ready to go, so they just added a "t" to the end of the movie name, but the "t" looked like crucifix.

    So it still looked like "The Pope Must Die." but officially was called "The Pope Must Diet" - even though the plot of the movie had nothing to do with the Pope losing weight.

    Moral of the story - yes you can write a book about the Pope and call him the Pope, but should you get someone to pulbish it, the Church will probably pressure them into naming it something that has nothing to do with the plot and suggests a wacky storyline, instead of real subject matter.

    So your story about the Pope being a Zombie killer will probably be changed to something having to do with the Pope visiting Zimbabwe while wearing a traditional Scottish man-skirt.
  7. I think you should definitely write it.
  8. Thank you so much for the information and replies, I am going to get started this evening.
  9. Why would the pope want to kill himself? :confused:

  10. Lmfao...
  11. You should do Nazi Zombies instead of just boring old Zombies lol. Nazi Zombies rule.
  12. and the pope is german. This is coming together nicely.
  13. the real pope is a rabbit.
  14. Do it, and send it to my account when you're done :)
    haha, I'm serious I wanna read this lol
  15. Just don't include an unnecessary love interest in an attempt to get girls to buy the book. If you do, make sure she has tig oles.
  16. +1. I'd like to think the pope is a tig ole type of guy.
  17. I agree. Thankfully, the pope does not care for love. Religion is his fuckbuddy.

  18. BTW, it's called a kilt. People generally don't like others referring to parts of their heritage as a "man-skirt."
  19. Yeh, not only that, he was actually in the Hitler Youth.
  20. This would be awesome in so many ways

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