Should I write this assignment while high?

Discussion in 'General' started by PC555, Feb 14, 2014.

  1. I've heard that some people actually write really well when they're ripped. I'm taking a course in college called History of Rock and Roll-1970-1995. Everybody has to write a recommendation for an album that came out during that time. Listening to the album while high is pretty obvious. But should I write the paper like that too? What do you guys think?

  2. I think you should
  3. youre paying money to learn about rock music

    a university teaches a class on rock music

    and enough people are willing to pay money for it

    cray shit man, crazy shit. for what its worth, i doubt the weed would make your recommendation any worse. enjoy the class
  4. Aha no I'm not at university. I'm from Canada, and here college and university are two different things. In Canada colleges are pretty much the equivalent of community colleges in America; same kind of programs. 
    Yeah, I guess there's really no way weed would fuck up an essay about a rock album haha 
  5. I tried to write a discussion post online for my english class while high and all i got was "yo yo yo"
  6. Hahaha that's funny
  7. I don't see why not, you might end up acing the hell out of it. I once wrote my essay at 2am blazed as fuck and overtired and aced it the next day. But it was a one time deal, the next time I tried all I got was as far as my name and the topic. Good luck though! :)
  8. Write high. Edit and revise sober.
  9. This.

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  10. Like someone else kind of got around to: If you're in a rump, getting high might get the ideas flowing, but you won't 'write' well if you're high. If the assignment is due tomorrow morning, just do it sober. If you'll have plenty of time to come down from your high to revise later, then do it.
  11. Under more normal circumstances I would probably say no, however, since it's an lp review and you have to listen to the music, I say go for it. It's as good a use as I can think of for that situation. These days, I am far more creative and can write like a demon when partaking. I only need "one" word and I can build an entire story around that. Always proof when it's out of your system though. I'd like to see it when your done, Pm it please.
  12. I wite very crepatively wile hi.
  13. I'm sorry, but I don't really feel comfortable with sending it to somebody else. I got an 85 on it though, so that's pretty good.
  14. I feel that it would make you be more direct and to the point. Worst you can do is just create a first draft and realize its not for you, or you could discover that it opens you up to your creativity and become a world renowned writer. Who knows?

    Just read it again sober in case.

    At least thats just me, i just get too stoned to wanna write paragraphs..
  15. [​IMG]
  16. Hahahahaha. Actually I don't know if you saw this but I'm from Canada. In Canada an 85 is actually an A-. I was pretty surprised when I learned a mark in the 80s is only a B in the states. 
  17. wtf so you can pass with like a 40 then? oh, Canada... :confused_2:
  18. Just make sure you read it while you're not high before turning it in.
  19. No but you can pass with a 50. That's a D. I think a 50 is a failing grade in America, right? The grading system is definitely something that's good about Canada.
  20.  Cannabis is a performance enhancing drug for writers and entertainers...You should be tested, and banned from competing! :ey: :ey: :hide:

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