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Should I worry over this? (about dealer)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by bms18, Jan 25, 2016.

  1. I dont think its a big deal but Im the type of person that is a "people pleaser" so it might just be me, but the only connection I have lives like 19 miles (25 min. drive?) away and I cant drive so she has been driving all the way over to me. And I only buy like 4 grams usually. Do you think Im worth the commute for her or should I try finding another connection? I have thought about giving her a little extra money for gas but Im not sure if that would be weird. Originally, when we first talked through text, she had said to let me know when Im in her area because she had been only telling people she delivers if you live near by, but ever since the first time she agreed to meet me where I live, I started asking her to drive down here every time and she hasn't said no to me.What do you think?

  2. If she drives to you without question, she needs the money. if she had a large customer base around her, she would not need to go that far for delivery. You should order at least $40 from her to make it worth her time.
  3. If she's not complaining then why you trippen
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    She is likely delivering to many customers on one trip. That's why tell when you're in the area
  5. If you don't tip, give her the slip. Least you can do
  6. If she's driving and not saying anything, then I would say it's cool. Most dealers don't fuck around, so if she wasn't cool with it when would tell you. However, I would say pickup 1/4 every time. That means she doesn't have to drive to you as often, and she will be happy cause it's more worth it for her.
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    I had a client that'd expect me to drive 25 minutes to bring them a G. Their calls were ignored rather quickly after that. I was cool with it the first two or three times but when it's 1AM and your ass doesn't have a car and you're calling me like 10 times in 5 minutes.. then you know how it goes.
    As long as your respectful and appreciative it would be okay. You seem like a nice guy so I wouldn't worry. I generally wouldn't drive for anything under an 8th (or about $20 in profit)

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  8. I wouldn't drive that far for only 4gs. Gas alone would eat up to much profit on a small transaction. Chances are she drives something a bit more economical though. I still wouldn't do it just out of the time involved unless you were a close friend. But apparently its worth it to her or she would say no. Thank her for her added effort and be happy she's cool

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  9. Save up to get a quarter next time. It doesnt waste her time and you should be able to save money too.

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