should i worry about what this kid said?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by mcasprin, Mar 16, 2012.

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  1. im 18 new to the area know a couple people ect. i was on my bike and asked if some kid if he wanted any weed he looked around 17, he took my number ect and then said that his a "top boy" in the area and that he knows "top boys". he asked where im from i said i moved from there from north london he said he moved to the area from east so spoke about that for a minute. he then said he knows people that can run weed for me i said im fine. he asked who im selling for i said my self as a friend owed me money and gave me weed so im trying make my money back. i asked how old he was and he said 13...... i was kind shocked. he said that i should "watch my back for snitches and other dealers" i explained that im just selling a little in order to get money back and he went on about people that do this and that. i dont know if i should take this kid for real or is he a wanabe gangster?
  2. Tisk tisk tisk...I guess I'll be the one to say it. Can't talk about that on here.

    You're 18 and worrying about a 13 yr old? Why you telling this kid your biz?
    and if anything he was trying to look out for you. telling you to pretty much keep your mouth shut.

    and what the fuck is a top boy.
  3. If someone called themselves a "top boy" in front of me, I would laugh until I pissed myself. I also wouldn't ask people if they need any, all you gotta do is walk into walmart stoned as fuck and let the business come to you.
  4. London? Top boy? No don't be worried
  5. ahahahaaahahaha...
  6. Should I be worried about the kid at lunch who cries when he smashes apples?
  7. Yes, us Americans are assholes. I'm sorry.
  8. ...maybe you should just grow it lol
  9. Lmao a 13 year old? Take his business over, and you're 18? Get a real job bro.

  10. Read the thread bro. :cool:
  11. im scared for you op
  12. [quote name='"Buzzwell420"']London? Top boy? No don't be worried[/quote]

    This lmfao get outta here with that shit
  13. Discussion of dealing isn't allowed here.
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