Should I Worry About This Plant Turning Hermie?

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    I have an Ace of Spades plant that I started from seed a little while back. I sprayed it down with pesticides in the first days of flowering, which I believe caused it to go into shock. All the plants had gotten burned from the spray but Ace was hit the hardest. Most of the leaves yellowed and browned, then she stopped eating, the soil would remain wet for way longer than any others in the flower cab. There was no noticeable growth of any kind for the first 3 weeks of flowering. By the start of week 4 on 12/12 she just barely started showing pistils, while all others in the flower cab (diff strains) were already well on to early forming buds. I decided to put her back into my veg cab at this point and a little while later pulled some clones for my next run.
    Now to my question. Should I bother with this plant/these clones? I feel like they might end up turning hermie since I pulled her out of 12/12 at week 4 and went back to 24/0. But then again, there was literally no bud development (only pistils on the top portion) when I put her back into veg. I have a few more Ace of Spades seeds and i'm contemplating just germing those for the next run instead. 

  2. If no bud development they should def reveg. Mite take more time than it its worth.... BUT that tga gear is to die for man. That ace smokes just like his cherno.... If you have the cherry soda smellin pheno keep her...

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  3. Yeah you're right man i'm just gonna reveg it and try running it again on the next cycle. She seems to be recovering through good foliar feedings but she's still hardly taking in any water from the soil. But I only have a couple of these seeds altogether so wasting a definite female would be foolish on my part. I think i'll still pop some more beans so I can make some F2s. That's really where the fun will begin with this strain. I'm trying to find two good keepers, cherry soda pheno and jack the ripper pheno.
  4. Rite on man... The grower that put me on to the chernobyl is drying some ace . I should have it by end of week. Cant freakin wait period.

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  5. I have ran the cherno but yet to grow out the ace myself. Good luck!

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  6.  Let me know how it smokes if you remember this thread haha
    I really wanna run chernobyl soon, seems like a great one. Hows the stretch with those? Those are supposed to be sativa leaning from what I hear. 
  7. Cherno HAS to be topped early. I will show you my girl that i topped just once a couple weeks after sprout. I think i had just flushed her in that pic so she looks like shit but man what a Great smoke

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