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should i worry about an apartment inspection??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by blazinsituasian, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. today I just got home for break from school and my apartment just emailed me sayin they were inspecting every apartment next week. I locked my room but could they go in? im just worried cuz I have a bubbler and a vape layin out on a table in my room. Would they do something about it??​

  2. Guessing school = university. Is the apartment owned by the university?
  3. if you have any reason to be concerned, be prepared
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    Apartment workers have access to your apartment, and I would assume your room as well. This is a week where you should keep a low key, and put some of your personal belongings away if you don't want anyone to see. If it's an actual apartment complex not related to a dorm, you should call them and say that your apartment should only be checked on ___ day as you are very busy and do not want to be unexpectedly interrupted.
  5. I think it is owned by the university. And its too late. Im already 6 hours away at my parents home. And the pipes are just out in the open. No weed tho.
  6. You may or may not be screwed then. I guess you'll just have to find out. If it was an actual complex, maybe not so much.. but if it's a university you might not have a place to live when you get back. Enjoy your break! ;-)
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    yes your headmaster has keys to all living quarters. anything they can legally search they may do so. remove or dispose of all contraband.
  8. ...If it's owned by the university, I would say you are likely screwed.

    From my experience, they enter rooms but do not search in stuff (closet, drawers, under bed etc.). If it is all out in the open, they will likely contact campus/local police. Not sure if it this way at all universities.

    If it's not owned by the university, you may be okay.
  9. just ask a friend (who lives elsewhere) you trust wont dip into your stash to watch your shit for the week. at the end of the week get your stuff back
  10. Actually it's not owned by the university the complex is just affiliated with the school so most ppl who live there go to the school but not all. Its just that a lot of ppl in the complex smoke all the time I just think it's unlikely they'll turn everyone in. guess I have to wait and see
  11. This. It's your best bet. Choose wisely. ;)
  12. You better find a way back to school quick. That or you have a nice present waiting for you back there after Spring Break! have fun :)
  13. Dude... do you not have friends? Get a friend to move that shit!!
  14. Okay im just gonna wait it out and see. My friend reassured me they're only checking for fire alarms.. I really doubt they'll go around turning ppl in for that kind of stuff

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