Should I water my rockwool cubes today?

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by passthebilly, Aug 13, 2012.

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    2 days ago I completely drenched them and planted the seeds, now today they've almost dried out and are only slightly damp to the touch at the top, the base is still pretty wet.

    Is it time to water again or is this too soon and I'll drown my seedlings? I've heard one of the biggest mistakes noobs do is overwater and I don't wanna fuck this up.
  2. Don't let them dry out..keep the RW damp at all times, but not saturated..
  3. I peeped your grow journal. Since you have a dripper setup, just run the dripper 3x a day for 30 minute intervals. This will keep your RW moist but not soaked.
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    Thanks much appreciated, I decided to water it again today, hopefully they'll sprout soon :smoke: Seems they can hold a lot of water and still be reasonably oxygenated.

    I haven't completed my dripper setup yet, for now I'm watering manually for the first week or two, I want to pay close attention to the seedlings anyway, that pump cycle sounds good too and will probably try that one first.

    Also uploaded a pic to the journal.
  5. research ur rockwool, great thing about the stuff is I am pretty sure they are supposto hold 17% air at all times even when totaly drenched

    I drench then give a little shake to get a bit of the excess water out
  6. This is how I am planning it, so its all coming together.The clone availability seems to be all over the place current mother has her run I'll make a sog with maybe 8-16 plants.
  7. yeah the watering system I managed to put together pretty easy with mostly some pieces from the hw/store, the only thing I had trouble finding was the 1/2" to 1/4" 8-way manifold which I'm importing in the mail.
  8. next time sprout seeds in a cup of distilled water when they crack plant into rockwool
    using this method u should see seed leaves within 2 days
  9. I did pre-germ them in ph'd water for 24 hours then put them in the rockwool, however apparently they can drown if you leave them in any longer. I didn't do that paper towel shit because I was worried about damaging the roots.

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