should i watch my back?

Discussion in 'General' started by jtangorunnin, May 15, 2006.

  1. i talk about pot (growing, smoking, buying) a lot via internet, text message, and cell phone this a bad idea? are the feds going to come crashing through my doors?
  2. Yes. and I doubt it unless your a major player or connected well to big people.
  3. yeah, i do a lot of that on IM and text messaging, too. not sure though, i'm as interesting as you.
  4. yeah bong is right, you wont get in any trouble unless ur connected to someone big or are doing anything large scale tahts illegal
  5. depends on what your talking about really. if they catch you saying you want to smoke a blunt out after a movie or something they arent gonna do anything. but if they find you repeatedly talking about growing mass amounts of weed or something than they might check into it. depends on how much shit you tell them.
  6. you kids are pimps..i love potheads. thank you.
  7. you say this like we dont know
  8. ^^^^ ahaha, u only have 13 posts, i dont mean to be a dick but stfu

    Don't tell other members to stfu!!! *RMJL
  9. yeah and you only have 225, so fucking can it dude. i mean does it matter how man posts somone has before they are considered "cool" by your standards?
  10. I never talk about pot on the phone, I don't use any instant messenger programs, but obviously I talk about it on the internet
  11. haha i often wonder the same thing. one of my dealers forbids me to talk about it on the phone, so i always have to just ask him where he's at, or if he wants to "hang out" it's weird.
  12. shut the fuck up

    Posts like this one are not tolerated.*RMJL
  13. dude, ur fucking sig always has me mezmorized
  14. "are you good"


    "at your house?"


    "I'll be there in 5 minutes"


    and thats how it goes down

    but I do have one guy I talk flat out with, but we speak in russian so it's all good
  15. what's your deal man. being a total dick for no reason. you need to chill out.
  16. I am not taking part in a major grow operation so I do not feell ike if they found out anything they would care/do anything about it. I am but a humble stoner...
  17. "you straight?"


    "the crib?"


    "be there in a few"


    Similiar to 420's...but yea that's me and my dealer

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