Should I wait or do something else?

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    I'm a bit at a loss of what to do now.

    Indoor hydro in clay pebbles.
    Don't know the strain. The lighting is 1 125w CFL. The pot size is large, and it sits in 10L of non RO water. It's about 4 months old, still in veg in DWC, just continuing to be a mother plant about to be cloned.
    Was accidentally left in just PH corrected water for 1 night, then it having noticeably wilted to hell, was changed to regular nute level at 8ml of Aqua Vega A+B and 12ml of Cannanyzm.
    After it looked worse from that over a day, res was changed again to it's current res of half strength nutes (4ml of AV and no C).
    Also the PH goes up to about 7 really quickly. Plenty of air, but the roots are yellow from a nice bright white.
    Hasn't reacted badly in over 12 hours, but haven't looked better than simply stabalised. Any idea of what is best to do? <~Image.
    (In case that doesn't work; it's droopy as hell but no burns/discolourations. Also all the leaves are curled upward.)

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