Should I wage war with the police?

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  1. Not *WAGE WAR* but it'd be as close as I could get.

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    What's up GC,

    I got arrested about 5 months back. Smoking a blunt on a suspended license (for the record, license was wrongfully suspended, reinstated the very next day, and I beat the case). This story has more to do with the weed. When he pulled me over, we had literally just put out our second blunt, and he asked me to step out of the car. He told me the car obviously REEKED, which it did (I stepped back to the window a second later and holy fuck), and asked me where the weed's at.

    "Three roaches in the ash tray, two bubblers in the side of the door."

    I had absolutely no choice. I knew my rights, but sometimes you just need to pick your battles, and I really had no way of avoiding a search with the smell that even I can admit to. Plus I was PRAYING he would let me off for the license, which I had about a 1% chance of, but I was still praying. Two minutes later I was cuffed in the backseat (go figure) and they were raping my truck. I'm actually happy they chose to search, because my truck was a fucking MESS, and I already told them where everything was. I hope they enjoyed digging through trash, clothes (just moved out of my dorm), random pipe and fittings, and my tools for NOTHING. Bastards.

    They called two backup cars to help arrest me. I've never had any other run-in with the police about anything. All three cops had plenty to say about my "dangerous drug choice." At the station, one told me that in 5 years, I'd find myself in an alley. Seriously? I was furious at that comment. I told him in 5 years, I'd find myself making his annual salary in one paycheck. He didn't seem to like my response.

    I'll throw you one more piece of background info before I move on. I always party with a particular group of close friends (and whoever else shows up, usually different people). My girlfriend's best friend is in that group of close friends and goes to every party. And she brings her man every time if she has one.

    Now on to the best part of the thread... I found out two weeks ago that my girl's best friend is seeing a new guy. His name is George ********. I started thinking "where do I know that name... where do I know that name..."

    Then it dawned on me. George was the one who arrested me (yeah, he's a young prick cop... a real up and coming!). And, more specifically, he's the one who told me I'd wind up in an alley. She will undoubtedly bring him to one of our parties, so this gives me a GOLDEN opportunity:

    1. I want to walk across the street, blunt in mouth, light it up right in front of him, and blow it casually in his face. Then I'll let him know who I am.


    2. Walk across the street, blunt in mouth. Let him know who I am, THEN casually blow it right in his face.


    3. Don't do anything at all.

    The benefits to #1 and #2 are obvious. He's a cop in the next town over, so I'd be completely safe at least during the act. I consider #3 as well, since I cruise 99% of all blunts in HIS town, not my own. It's full of amazing cruise roads, the type of roads that if you're on it, you're blazing. So... I'd be done cruising in that town, which would suck, but this opportunity is phenomenal.


    TL/DR- arrested 5 months ago while smoking blunt, douchebag cop, told me I'd end up in an alley. Fast forward to now, girl's best friend is dating said douchebag cop, have the perfect opportunity to take a blunt rip to the dome and blow it in his face
  2. Not gonna lie, it sounds awesome, but if I were you I'd play it safe and leave it alone, he's a cop, master at the art of bullshitting, and he may find some reason to detain you whether it be now or later. Whatever happened to a good old "fuck you"?
  3. haha that is a classic! I'd go with option #1, just seems like the best solution in my eyes.
  4. Do it then put ur balls on his forehead.
  5. Get him drunk and fuck up his cruiser
  6. do it.:hello: he sounds like a douchebag that alley comment is so ignorant.

  7. YES. this is what we all need to work toward getting back to, guys. just a good old fashioned 'go fuckyourself, asshole'
  8. It sounds like a cool idea and all but its really probably not worth it.

    I don't know if he can do anything to you right then and there if you blow it in his face, but i will say it will be a lot easier for him to make your life hell then the other way around. He's a dick cop and if you do something like that to disrespect him i'm sure he'll have all his fellow cops looking for your car constantly just to pull you over for the hell of it to fuck with you and see if you have anything on you.
  9. Tell your girlfriend you know a for fact he's a perv and he cheats on her best friend.
  10. Don't do anything to him. He's just going to pull you over every possible chance he'll get in the future. And he'll probably rat you out if he does see you with a blunt.
  11. Man the best way to get back is to give his girl some roofies and say she got really drunk and was all over you. Then get her pregnant. Then 9 months later when she is in labour and this cop is by her side thinking it's his, burst through the door and shout "HEY MAN THATS MY KID! THIS IS THE MOST HAPPIEST DAY OF MY LIFE"

    Sure it's a little long winded and there is room for error but i think this would work best.
  12. As angry as you may be you won't come out on top. Blowing MJ smoke in a cops face will likely get you charged with assault. And cops have each others backs, they will be looking out for you anytime they're cruising.
  13. do the first one AND (with lots of wittnesses) pick a fight with him (if u rly want to fight him, idk how big he is) but as long as u dont thro the first punch, u shud be fine, if u hav wittnesses that say he threw the first punch, then ur jus usin self defence. jus dont ovr do it.
  14. Dont start something you cant win OP. Yes that cop sounds like a Super Prick but unfortunately for you he is a cop
  15. In the long run it would be wise to not piss him off. If I were you I would try to start a conversation about his views on marijuana. own him with facts etc. and show him that he is wrong in front of his girl. Then slap your dick on his face.
  16. Do you want to get arrested again? Dont do anything
  17. Why do people always get revenge like this? Why not fuck with him in ways where he wouldn't know who it was? Like TP his house, or put up pro-marijuana signs all over his yard?
  18. I live in Chicago and recently the court ruled against the police and created 3 classes of claiments. Sorry for the spelling.

    Class one gets 2000.00 to be part of class I you were arrested and held in a Chicago police station for more than 16 hours straight.

    Class two gets 90.00. to be part of class II you were arrested by the Chicago Police and were held overnight in the police station.

    Class three 3000.00. to be part of class III you were arrested by the police without warrant were not given an I-Bond and were not allowed access to a judge within 48 hours of arrest.

    I'm awaiting my check for class II&III.

    Find out if youe City has a similar class action suit against the cops and go to war there.

    The case I cite is Dunn vs City of Chicago. is the website. While my claim form was automatically sent to me, you can contact the lawyers and have a claim for sent to you.

    Don't take the law into your own hands, there is a proper battlefield for most wars.
  19. Or you could not act like a respectful and SHOW him that you didn't end up in a alley rather than be all butt hurt about something he said almost half a year ago. I mean seriously he's a cop, he didn't really go anywhere in his life either. So he doesn't have much to say. The past is the past the future is now!

    IF you really have to get back at him follow OleSmoky's wise words...just TP or fork his yard, something cheeky and stupid that he can't pin it on you.
  20. man you are trippin.

    if you have that connection with a cop you should be using that to your advantage. my advice would be to get cool with him and keep him around. you never know when you might need to get out of something

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