Should I visit my grandma or stay here and get blazed?

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  1. Let me explain before anyone thinks I'm a terrible person. I live with my girlfriend in an apartment 3 hours from my grandparents' house. My girlfriend is going home for the holidays and my brother is flying in to stay with me for a week and toke up the entire time (since we've never smoked together.) The original plan was for me and my brother to catch a ride with my girlfriend back to my grandparents' house on the way back because my car won't make it that far. My grandparents really wanted to see both of us and I wanted to be nice and go visit them. We'd stay two days and my grandparents insisted they drive us back here. After getting off the phone with them yesterday, they volunteered to stay at my house, and even helped themselves to my bed over the phone.
    My apartment is extremely small. It's one bedroom and it's just hardly big enough for two people, let alone me, my bro, and both of my grandparents. I wouldn't mind as much if they asked another way, but they basically said: (no exaggeration)

    "We'll be staying with you Monday night because we're not going to just drive up there then drive back. You and your brother can sleep on the floor in the living room and we'll take your bed."

    Of course, I can't smoke with my brother if my grandparents are here with me, and they're the kind of people who will say they'll stay a day and end up staying 5. The idea of having my grandparents sleep in the same bed my girl and I do is a little disgusting. My brother is only here one week then he has to fly back (he lives 13 hours away) and it would really be a shame not to be able to smoke with him. What should I do? Am I bad person for wanting to stay here and toke up with my brother who I haven't seen in years instead of going home to make fake small talk with my grandparents?
  2. Seems like the perfect time to pitch in (with your bro) and get a 2 day rental car. Drive to Grandparents, visit, spend the night, and drive home the next day. :smoke:
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    That's a good idea. Unfortunately my brother spent 600 bucks on his plane ticket and I spent mine on Birthday and Christmas gifts, so we're both pretty tapped out. We both have some money in our savings, but we have a rule of only using that money in emergencies. =|
  4. They cant stay with other relatives? Maybe if you tell them that your place is too small they'll agree to stay somewhere else.
  5. This is an emergency, you want grams and Gramps getting it on in your bed? :eek:

    J/K Maybe for the sake of convienance, they could loan/present you the funds. They won't have the 6 hour drive and no one will be cramped. :smoke:

  6. Haha. I told them I only have one bed and a couch and that's why they said my bro and I can take the living room floor and they'll take my bed. Also, the bathroom is in the bedroom and is the only bathroom in the house. Just feels kind of insulting to take over my bed like that without even asking.:(
  7. I'd give just about anything to spend time with my grandparents this holiday season, but they're both gone so that'll never happen.

    It's really up to you and your brother, but remember that a day might come when you won't have your grandparents intruding upon your life for a night.
  8. Yeah id just go chill at gramps' house, have a xmas feast and shit, take some bud and you guys can toke when the folks are sleeping....
  9. LOL. We actually thought about that but my grandpa knows that smell way too well. And he has a nose like a fucking dog.
  10. Well, there is the 3 hour ride to and from. ;) :smoke:

  11. I like the way you think. :D
  12. Tell'em to piss off.
  13. awww visit granny its your last day on earth lol jk

  14. Fuck yeah!
  15. Tell them your girl won't let you sleep in her bed.

    Might work.:confused:

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