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Should I vent my lights to the basement or outside?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Indoorgrow82, Oct 25, 2013.

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    I am new to indoor gardening and am installing a 5x9 tent in an unfinished area of my basement. I am using 2 600w vented lights. I plan on using a fan to cool the lights and vent the hot air out of the tent. Should the air dump into the basement, or outside? I'm assuming if I dump it into the basement it will heat up the basement pretty good. The outside of the home is brick so it will be a pain to install a vent but is doable. Any input is appreciated.
  2. The real question is how will the venting affect the ambient temperature in the basement.  If you're venting to that room, will the ambient temperature end up too high to pull "fresh" cool air into the intakes on the tent? Will you be able to just open a window in the basement to bring in cooler air?  Is that even necessary?  Unfinished basements tend to be cold places unless insulated and such.
  3. Get a carbon filter because youll need it! I would start by just just vent it into the basement so your recycling the heat and dispersing it in your home,  youll save energy and be warm !  IF the ambient temp gets too warm for optimal conditions THEN ponder the idea of venting directly outside.  I would go straight up and out through the roof if you are to do that.
  4. Thanks guys.  Our bedroom is right above where the tent will be.  I will probably wind up having to vent it outside but will vent it to the basement for now and see what happens.  I'm not really worried about the smell, this is a vegetable/fruit project (unless it stinks up the whole house).  Can't go through the attic, will have to go out the side of the basement.  Its brick but I guess I will have to install some sort of dryer vent on the outside.
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  5. You will need a carbon filter as the girls do tend to get rather funky when they are in flower and is a good investment.  If you can vent inside as less of a chance of police flair camera dtection plus you will reclaim the heat (mutch needed in winter months).
    Thanks for the tips.  Don't have to worry about the smell, I'm growing lemons, limes and veggies.  It would be humorous if they did bust in only to find tomatoes :)
    I'm going to try and vent into the basement for now, if it gets too hot I will just have to run a duct outside.  Its just going to be a pain in the ass going through brick

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