Should I use window A/C in grow room

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  1. Right now keeping the temps between 70-80 degrees is not an issue at all due to it being winter.  But I will be in the middle to end of flower when summer comes around and temps will be around 100 degrees outside.  I do not want to keep rebuilding grow room either so do you guys think I should go ahead and just install a window A/C unit and then board up and airseal around it to cover the rest of the window from having light leaks??

  2. Can u get a portable air conditioner?

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  3. Ive noticed one thing with Window Air conditioners and thats they normally leak light.

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    The light leak will be through the unit even if I seal up around the unit adequately?
  5. On mine it did.. I had a cheap one

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  6. sure you can, it wont leak enough light to do a thing.
  7. I sure hope not lol but I guess i'm going to find out
  8. def get a window aircon,, so much better then those portable ones, chew heaps of power, don't cool as efficiently
    A/c is a great investment op. 
    Sativas are touchy about light leaks, Indicas not so much.
  10. I had the problem where the cold air conditioned air come out the vents it was a Styrofoam wall inside of it so alot of lights come in that way. But on one of my old models it was metal.
  11. There has to be a way to ward off the light that leaks through the A/C unit
    thanks when purchasing one I will try to find a older model thanks for the intell
    thanks bro for ur input
  12. The one that was Styrofoam was one of them $89 cheap walmart no name brands. Maybe the more they cost the better they are made.

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  13. We've built a box for a window AC unit in a room before.  No window needed.  Built a box a few inches bigger than the unit, sealled it and applied a a waterproof sealent on all interior wall, drilled a hole attached a hose for a drain.  Cut a 6in hole, added a 6in slip and ducted it out of the room.  We hung the box from a rafter.  Worked out nicely.  Good luck brother.
  14. A couple things to think of:  If you use a window type air conditioner, if you want it to work right you will more than likely have to run it during the day, because it will only cool if the ambient temperature is above 68 degrees F. outside(This becomes a problem in cooler climates).  The best time to have the lights on in the grow-room is at night when its cooler, and if you want an air conditioner made for the job then I suggest getting a mini-split air conditioner.  Ideal Air has the perfect solution for the problem!  If your not a HVAC tech. then I suggest this setup.  They not only have cooling units, but heating and cooling in one as well.  They come with pre-charged lines, which makes installation a snap!
    Did it still seem to cool the room efficiently?  Do you have any pics of your setup?  Thanks for the idea.  That would be ideal if I was able to make it (i'm not the most construction savy man) 
  16. no picture. You just build a box with a perfect opening for the unit. Make sure to put a good outtake fan on it. It helped cool things when we really were in a pinch
  17. I'm thinking about cutting a hole right next to the lower ducting the size of the window ac unit and fit it inside there.  Then board and seal up around it, the back in will be hanging outside the widow that the ducting vents out to.  With my carbon filter do you guys think I will have to worry about smell leaking out? 

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  18. I plan on using a 400 watt in a 10 foot length, 2 foot wide, 7 foot tall closet. Although, I will be sectioning off half of the space with a cardboard, mylar covered wall...I Do have an AC vent in closet. Should I be okay if I run at night??
  19. I do AC for a living.

    Make sure it can breath and the condenser coil is not covered up at all. It will use less power and last longer.

    If it can't breath it will just be a heat source with very little cooling

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