Should i use this wood pipe or Nah?

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  1. So I was at some old country store in moultonborough NH and bought this little old fashioned wood pipe. It was like five bucks. It looks like it'd work and I already have a glass pipe but I kinda wanted to try it. Is it worth it or would I just be wasting weed?
  2. Worst case put a pinch in and try, one bowl isn't that big of a waste unless your real tight on bud. I've smoked out of wood pipes plenty.
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  3. A lot of times theyre too deep q: they are a waste tho. And you cant clean them out so youre stuck with the taste of ass
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  4. when iz a teenager i used to have a DOPE vertical churchwarden pipe


    i droppped a lil chillum imagesCALNVBUB.jpg
    down the bowl to resize that bitch

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