Should I Use the Current Attitude Promo or Wait Until 420?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by TheNaturalist, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. Hey everyone,
    So iv been wanting to get some seeds for a while, attitude seems like the best place. Im growing out some clones right now and wont be ready to sprout these seeds for about 3 months (a little downtime after this grow is done) so im in no rush to get the seeds I just want the best deal. My question is whether I should use the March 30th -April 4th promo that starts tomorrow where I would get the standard freebees which are:
    1 feminized Cluster if you spend over $1
    1 feminized Jack if you spend over $47
    1 feminized Blue Lemmon Thai if you spend over $95
    + plus further add ons if you spend more but those are prolly irrelevant...

    And then I would get the March 30th special on top of that which is:
    1 TNT Kush
    1 Monster
    1 Jamaican Dream

    Or, should I wait until 420 for a promotion that is still unknown? I didnt see their promo last year, did they have a 420 promo? was it better then this one? could this one be in replace of the 420 promo since they are so close?

    Id really appreciate some advice from someone with some experience with ATTITUDE, thanks!
  2. Id wait for the 420 promo, it has been decent in the last few years. Better than this april promotional for sur. I still have my mugs and thirts from years past:smoke:

    Time will tell.
  3. If your in no rush I would hold out for a better promo unless it's something you have to have or something limited.

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