Should I use a Joint or Blunt

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  1. I am about to get a dime. I am really poor right now, and havent smoked in a week, so i want this to be a good smoke. I have rolling papers. But I think joints waste alot of weed. SHould i run out and buy a dutch to roll a blunt? Is it worth the $1.70 when i already have papers? I mean Im not THAT poor, but, trying to budget. I want a good smoke, not some 5 minute joint. What do you guys think.
  2. a dime isnt even close to being enough for a blunt.especially a dutch
  3. Roll a nice fat jay.

  4. Depends on what you buy.

    Some schwagg has enough in a dime to roll 2-3 blunts.

    Some mids should have enough for at least one fatty.
  5. ^B.S if you want a thin ass POS blunt yea,but for a good thick blunt then it takes 20 of scwag. you obviously suck at rolling blunts
  6. And you are obviously a master of wasting weed.

  7. hahaha nice
  8. Use a pipe/bong when you want to conserve what you got! That's what I do at least.
  9. Roll 2 or 3 joints and ration it.

    Stop buying dimes lol.
  10. ya, or make a gravity bong if ur really about conserving weed. (we all go thru rough times). and even if i got alot of bud i still like using a g-bong
  11. you can put a dime in a blunt no prob, thats what i usually do (we are talkin about 1 gram right?) it should come out to being about as thick as a cig, but normal blunt length. Roll it right and it will last around 40 minutes.

  12. 40 mins?!?! :confused:
  13. Put it in a Swisher cigarrillo.
  14. Blunts>Joints Always in my opinion. Unless you have some killer papers..

  15. A dime is generally half a gram (.5). And I don't think i've ever smoked a blunt for 40 minutes, even when i'm solo smoking one.
  16. Blunt!

    Easier to roll + more weed + cool factor + tasty (not really)

    or get a bowl like me!
  17. i dont believe you have enough bud to roll a decent blunt. just roll a fattie jay and dont rip so hard.
  18. true not with bud alone. mix it with opium and itll burn for an hour. rediculous lol
  19. What the hell are you talking about?? I get an eighth of good schwagg for 10$ You can't even fit 3.5 grams in most blunts. A dime will get you at least 2 fat blunts here.

    To the op, if you're getting more than like a gram I would say roll a blunt in a swisher. 1.2-1.6 of schwagg fits perfectly. Joints burn up in seconds and they never seem to get me near as high as a blunt.
  20. yeah swisher rellos are good
    to roll not so large amounts with,
    and if you cant roll a blunt with it,
    roll a J.

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