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Should I upgrade to a wax pen? How many hits is a gram of wax?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by hotrez79, Jul 23, 2016.

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    So I ran into a new guy that only has wax and he suggest I upgrade to wax vape pen. I want to know should I upgrade and how many hits is a gram of wax? I'm new to vaping, just started vaping oil a few months ago.

    I currently use a 510 thread vape pen for oil and a gram of oil last me 2-3 weeks and is about 300-350 hits for me. I want to know how long will a gram of wax last me? How many hits is it?

    He said its 60 a gram for wax. Is that worth buying? I live in new york
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    Well i pay like 40-50 for good quality wax. If the wax is amazing id go for it, doesnt hurt to try it out. if its shit wax go buy weed, better for your health than shit wax.

    For vapes, check out gigawax pens, they have amazing pens for $50 but you have to buy replacement coils like every other vape.

    How many hits? Depends, if you load small dabs, maybe 30-40 hits. Im not sure. everyones different so its hard to tell. But if you do it correctly and dab small amounts, you can make it last a month! Personally i cant make a gram last more than a week haha but i have a high tolerance. I need it medicinally also, so i try to not use it all at once.

    "Wax" or any concentrate version of marijuana you have to play around with to understand how it works.

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  3. I used an actual oil vaporizer (not Vape pen, huge desktop Vape, has a bong attachment, so HUGE hits), and I used to put tiny tiny globs and get 2-3 decent milky hits out of it and be high for a good few hours.

    I had your average brownish looking shatter, and I only had 1.5g. After three weeks of smoking everyday, I had around 0.9g left.
  4. I got a Yucan Evolve Plus, quite satisfied with it really.

  5. If you are pursuing wax from a wax dealer I would suggest you get what your dealer suggests to you so your future purchases can be utilized.

    Flower always burns the same so Mary Jane always cares the same.
  6. Could always go for a Dr. Dabber, buddy of mine has a few of em they are nice. Uses 18650 batteries, I believe they last atleast 250-300 hits and you can get ceramic nails, or ti nails for it. Hits very nice as well.

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  7. Don't pay 60 a g for wax unless u can afford it. Most I'd pay for bho is 35 a g, a gram lasts me about two days if I'm not puffin flower
  8. Wax pens suck in comparison to a good nail or nectar collector. Can't get a thick hit with a pen really unless u keep hitting the button and I usually melt my pen a lil when I hit it like a vape

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