Should I turn them?

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  1. how much longer should I veg??

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  2. What size tent are you in?
  3. That's totally up to you. The longer they veg, the larger they get and the more you can prune to prep for flower. We run a 10 week veg cycle/flower cycle here and as long as everything is in order environmentally, that's plenty of time to get them to the size I like for flowering. But that's just a personal choice. Before you flip, make sure you have the light to handle all that you plan to flower at once. Each plant needs the best lighting it can get in flower, plenty of space for light to penetrate the plant and tended properly. But your plants look beautiful and best I can tell due to the LEDs. Don't post pics of plants taken under LEDs as it obviously skews the color. The foliage color is how we get an idea of the health of the plant most of the time. But flip them when you're ready. Happy growing. TWW
  4. 4x3 tent
  5. Thanks man they are in 1 gallon pots here a pic without led

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  6. I also have a Mars 300 (140w)led and a 1000 cob led(300w)
  7. i would flip now i like smaller plants about 8 inches tall . get the same from a 8 inch plant that is topped then would get from a 14 inch plant topped . depending on the stand . the bigger plants have to be super cropped to death and it basically looks like a plant on stilts a huge stem then finally the flowers all the way on top . depend on your skill level . with the power you have do not go taller then 1 foot its pointless . now if you had thousands of watts then you would benefit from larger plants .
  8. I wonder Jo's much I can yield eat plant, im using the Lucas fourmula
  9. How about now should turn ? Lol

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  10. Is my ten too small for what I have now?
  11. your plants will get 3 times as big when you flip . so measure and find that out .
  12. I'd veg it out another week to really fill it out. Just depends on the plant... mine don't stretch to much at all as they are just a 50/50 hybrid also if you keep tying down during the stretch they really don't get that tall... maybe 6-8 inches if you actually do a good job at tying them down. They mainly just bush out and all those smaller branches will start reaching for the light. That's when you really start to fill out the canopy entirely... don't be afraid to supercrop the branches in the center that stretch up if you can't tie them down... it's easy just smush the inside of the stem with your fingers be careful not to break the outside and they will just sit down into the canopy if done right... but if you are wanting as much as you can yield I'd definitely recommend that extra week and then post some more pics so we can see how it looks... a full picture of the tent would be better so we can see all the space you have to work with.

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  13. The tent is 4 by 3 and is about 5 feet tall, thank for the advice btw. I'll keep updating pictures every so often I want to get maximum yield thanks

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