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should i turn my 1k light up yet?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by mtooner1, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. Hello every one i have a 5x5 tent with 5 auto flowers running a dimmable 1k light. i have it runing at 400w currently the plants are getting huge they are 3 inches tall now at 8 days old. should i go ahead and bump the light up to 600w or 1000w temps are currently 72 deg f. temps are not an issue when the light is runing full power my tent peaks at 79deg f . All the help is apricated:)
  2. 8 days old? No, I wouldnt use the 1000 untill I started flowering. Patience man, patience, In this business, its a great friend!

    Then when they get to a 12-14 inches tall, go up to 600...

    take em to flower, the blast em with the 1000!
  3. Dude you will murder them and waste electricity... they are babies and need about id just run two 40 watt cfls for another 2 weekd then start turning the ballast up
  4. ok i will wait till they are that tall thanks i current have them running 24/7 i will be swiching them to 18/16 at 10 days old. Is that what you guys reccomend? thanks

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