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  1. Theres this girl i know shes really cute and she smokes, she just recently got a job at the company i work for and ive talked to her before short conversations so then i texted her today after she came up to me at work how can i get her to flirt with me im super funny and i always make her laugh and i was joking around at work and said are you trying to flirt with me and she laughed and stuff ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1413903593.298869.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1413903613.214699.jpg

    "A more serious problem is having your cock bang against the inside of the toilet bowl. That shits gross."
  2. Ask her bf or her husband first. If you are attracted to her, keep in mind that somebody else was attracted to her before you. She may already be taken.
  3. That's flirting?
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  4. The way you spelled "awfully."
    It makes me angry.

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  5. [​IMG]
    get that sweet sweet pussy 
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  6. When she asks if you're flirting, just say "so what if I am?" or something along those lines, see what her reaction is. And get high and say "Go on a date with me" don't ask, just say "go on a date with me".If she says yes, then go. If she says no, go off on a tangent and talk a load of bullshit and make very little sense, then if she asks you about it or the next day, play it off as being really fucked. Or tell her you were going to ask her anyway, but it came out wrong.

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