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Should I Try "Morning Glory Seeds?"

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Stonebolt, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. I've heard morning glory seeds are a pretty crazy way to trip. I've also heard they can cause neusea, vomiting and poisoning that requires medical attention if coated with a preservitives or a chemical designed to prevent them from being used as a drug.

    Does anybody have any experiance with MGS? If so, are they worth trying and what do it do to make sure they aren't covered in poisonous chemicals?
  2. do it,

    usually you want to dose twice as much your first time
  3. I think this one belongs in pandoras box... But just read a lot of erowid reports of this stuff. The common wisdom is to wash the seeds in a detergent and then ingest them orally through whatever method, I have also heard chewing ginger is a great way to reduce the nausea as well as smokin a little weed. But just be sure you know what you are getting into because I have heard that this shit does not fuck 'round.
  4. first off wrong forum pandora's box
    morning Glory seeds contain LSA, this is chemically very close to lsd, but it doesn't have the 2 ethyl groups attached to the amine group, and if added, it would make the inactive iso-lsd, but since the ethyl groups aren't there, it will fit in the receptors, but it's supposed to be kinda far-off from actual lsd.
    the coating can be removed, but it's been a while since I read how to do this, look it up
  5. I took a few, shit fucking sucked. I smoked before, so i wasnt nautious, i felt barely anything. my friend took a few aswell, he was going crazy, he felt like his body was disappearing, and his whole outlook on life changed. he felt like everything he did was wrong. if you are set on taking them, break them up with a hard object, and then eat them.
  6. I had it and I loved it. I did 6 grams my first time. I washed the seeds then steeped them in water. I proceeded to drink the water and chew the seeds. Thinking about the taste now is making me nauseous and is activating my gag reflex. DO NOT STEEP THE SEEDS. Simple chew them. The wet seeds are all mushy and taste MUCH worse. When they are dry its almost like peanuts. Anyway, I had 6 grams but threw up and got a nice trip. Next to no hallucinating but I felt amazing. It was comparable a total body/head high off weed, yet so much greater (Unachievable by weed, imo). I highly recommend it. Next time I will take 3 more Dramamine to keep the nausea down (I took only one, so 4 total). Good luck!
  7. I say no, unless you enjoy puking. Even after washing, or ordering all natural seeds online (no chems to make you puke) AND washing, I was with a group of about 12 people who all did it this way. Every single one of them puked horribly at least once that night, aside from me since I didn't take them! Because I hate to puke and a trip wasn't worth it...

    If you can keep them down long enough it looks fun, everyone was tripping balls.
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    DaleGribble told me this and I will too pass on the knowledge. Don't waste your time with eating 400 Morning Glory Seeds. Order a pack of 20 H.B. Woodrose off the internet and have the time of your life.

    Did it for the first time a couple weeks ago. Here is my story.

    Both have LSA btw, that is why its relevant.
  9. It's all true the trip, the lsa, the coating(easily removable by rinsing seeds w/boiling h20).in response to your Q> if you like trip it may be worth it for ya.I eat 4 to5 packs of "heavenly blue" morning glorys, first putting them in a flour sifter and thourghly rinsing them w/ boiling h20 chew well chase w/ your favorite drink,and wait. definatly not my favorite trip but it works.
  10. it can be ok but i would rather go with shrooms or acid.

    Anyway if you want to do them a better way is to grow them then make tea out of 3-8 flowers depending on how hard you want to trip. Way less nausea than eating the seeds and tastes good. The seeds always just made me sick, not trip, and then fall asleep.
  11. I would suggest trying it, but be careful. The one and only time I did the seeds, I did too many (about 15 packets worth) because my buddy who I was doing it with told me that this was the correct dose. I had a great time for a few hours, but then I started to get sick.

    I threw up that night and spent the entire next day in my bed sweating like a maniac and white as a sheet. It is by far, the sickest I've ever been. I could've easily lost my life had I done more.

    At any rate, the trip was great, but I would advise you to take a lower dose than you think you should.

  12. There's like a 70 percent chance you'll puke. And u will trip
  13. most of the mgs sold in stores don't have a chemical coating. just check the package they have to say so if they do. But you will still get an incredible urge to puke. But if its worth it is all up to the person i don't think so they're like shitty shrooms just get acid or something.

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