Should I try it?

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  1. I just found out (not confirmed yet) that I may have high-functioning Asperger's. It's kinda been messing with my head (a whole lot of realizations all clashing together at once). Thing is, I'm supposed to be shrooming for the first time on Monday.

    I'm thinking this may be a bad idea. Any thoughts/advice?
  2. Hmm...could you explain to me what it is though? Is it a legit mental illness? And do you have a history of mental illness in your family?

    Not trying to scare you or anything, but psychedelic drugs can trigger off a dormant mental illness if you are born with the tendency to develop one.
  3. As long as it is high-functioning, and your family doesn't have a history for mental illness you shouldn't have a problem. Don't take my word for it though - your mileage may vary from what I say.
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    It's sort of a behavioral/cognitive disorder. It's like having little undertones of autism.

    Here's the Wiki:'s

    I'm pretty sure it's a no to the mental illness. I'm just thinking that since I'm having a tough-ish time coping with the idea right now, maybe I should hold off for awhile.
  5. If you are having doubts or feeling nervous about taking the shrooms, don't do it. Bad vibes = bad trip. You should only do it if you're confident and absolutely want to try it.

    If I were you, I would probably start with a smaller dose even though it might not be as enjoyable, and then work my way up. Better safe than sorry
  6. ^This right here.

    I know Asperger's might be considered a "disorder", but you're still human, you can still enjoy euphoria.

    I'm sure you've been high many times and enjoyed it, correct? If you go into the trip looking forward to what you're about to take, then you will most likely have a great trip. If you're not, then vice versa.

    Asperger's wont cause a bad trip, but worrying about something, that wont have any effect on you enjoying your shroom trip whatsoever can cause a bad trip. The act of worrying itself causes anxiety/paranoia, shrooms only intensify your current state of mind.

    Dont worry about a thing man, have fun. Your Asperger's wont change a thing, I guarantee you. Just relax, let your mind run free and see where it takes you.:hippie:

    +++VIBES+++ to you.
  7. Ya listen to cmystic, dont worry about it and youll have a great time.

    The only thing that would cause to have a bad trip, is ironically worrying about having a bad trip.
  8. true that...
    xanax b4 a trip=amazing trip.
  9. I'm not worried that being able to categorize my personality quirks would cause a bad trip :p

    I'm just saying that I'm kind of frazzled by it and that might negatively affect my experience. So far, I figure I'll just see how I feel about it that day.
  10. Actually, the shrooms might help you with the whole situation. Might help you figure some shit out.
  11. One of my roommates has it too. It's a made up term for people who were raised socially awkward(or at least in his case). He is so bad, me and my three roommates just don't/can't talk to him anymore because he want's nothing to do with us. He has no empathy for other people. Shrooms however, may actually help you out with your condition.
    Would I let my roommate shroom? no, but if he smoked or something than maybe.
  12. my brother has it. he seems to act like a few years behind normal kids his age, him and my other brother have and they are 3 years apart and get along on the same level. he has few friends and all of them are socially awkward themselves. he also is more brainwashed by like authority figures such as my parents and teachers. no matter how hard i try and show him the evidence he wont blaze with me. he believes every piece of propaganda told to him. dont get me wrong tho hes still a good kid.

    back on the subject thats just how my brother is. he might have it worse then but by the looks of it you seem like a pretty normal guy. i mean hey u blaze!!!!!!
  13. Again, guys. I'm not asking if the Aspergers will affect my trip, I'm asking if it is a good idea to do shrooms when I've had such a recent mindfuck.

    I think I've found my answer though. Getting the flu. :(

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