should i try ex if im allergic to codiene

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  1. im wondering if there is a chance some extacy pills would have codiene in them. i heard they can have pretty much any drug in them and so i was just wondering
  2. ask your dealer, we can't assume what is going to be in your rolls.
  3. I've never heard of rolls cut with codeine, thatd be wack lol.
  4. hahha that would be fucking hilarious if an x pill had codeine in it! but get a test kit, if your really that paranoid. But i doubt an x pill would have codeine in it. Maybe heroin.
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    How allergic to codeine? Does it just make you itch (very common) or are we talking full blown anaphylaxis, call an ambulance, "I've stopped breathing" hospital treatment allergic?
    If its the latter, don't do any unknown pill/powder type drug, unless you know the chemist who prepared it.

    This may be helpful in sorting out if you have a true allergy or not
    True allergies are very rare
  6. What is it with people saying rolls are based with heroin nowadays?? That would be MORE expensive for the dealer/presser, and the only reason they cut it in the first place is to SAVE money, so how does that make sense :confused_2:

    To OP, I've NEVER heard of a codeine based roll, so i think you're fine. If you're paranoid just get some mollie. :wave:

  7. Because alot of rolls have heroin in them too. Rolls arent just cut with meth,amps, and coke. Rolls can also be cut with heroin too.

  8. Not trying to call bullshit on you, but do you have any actual evidence of this? I've honestly NEVER heard of that, and the presser would be losing money unless he charged ridiculous amounts for his rolls... I've also never seen a report from or with heroin listed as one of the contents. Just curious, but where are you getting your information from?

  9. THIS
    it's on the 2nd page.
  10. wow, thats the first i've ever seen of it. Thanks for tha link though! That presser must have been a dumbass.. :rolleyes:
  11. How about ditch Ecstasy and trip on real psychedelics. A ten strip of acid, or five grams of psilocybin mushrooms. Once you get used to that experience take 8 peyote buttons. After doing that a couple times try DMT. Ecstasy is the joke of the psychedelic realm. It also severs neuron connections in your brain. Other psychedelics are not nearly as bad for you as ecstasy, in fact many reports in the psychedelic community (posted in the Journal of Psychoactive Plants) report that LSD actually fosters neuron growth and extensions and helps brain plasticity. That is the complete opposite effect if you don't know anything at all about neuroscience or biological psychology. Ecstasy might make you feel like your experiencing all of the pleasures of god, but on real psychedelics you'll meet "It".
  12. well its pretty sever yea i generally never do anything at all besides jane but i was just thinking of doing some ex but i was high and i dont think i woold do it now neways so yea thanks for the link homey
  13. There is no way in hell that you would have codiene in your rolls. What the fuck would people be thinking if they did that? First off the codiene would probably be sold for more, secound off do you realize how much of a pain it would be to put codiene in a pill? you have to extract the codiene from the pill/syrup then dry it out then put it in pill mix, then press pills and dry. It is a waste of a step, no one owuld buy codiene pills because they are expecting a stimulant and they would just be shitty because you would mess the process up somehow because no one has a perfected recipe for it because no one was stupid enough to try it in the first place.

    You are safe taking extasy if you are allergic to codiene. Mabye if you were allergic to meth or speed I would be concerned. And to the moron who suggested heroin, if you looked for heroin based pills, I garentee that you wouldn't find them. Even if you did find them a test kit would not test for heroin or opiates because no one is stupid enough to put opiates in their rolls!!
  14. Heroine cannot be taken orally, when its taken orally its metabolised down into morphine and then its the same as taking a pill with morphine in. There may be that one example of a pill with heroine in but there wont be many others and whoever pressed that pill was a complete retard.

  15. I've had them laced with heroin. The only reason i know is because heroin showed up in my DT and the only shit i'd been doing were X and pot.


    And I am allergic to codeine, you feel like it's hard to breath.... like really hard to breathe and soon after follows a horrendous headache. OP, it is highly unlikely your shit will have codeine in it.
  16. Unfortunately, some people with sensitivity to codeine will also be sensitive to H. Opiate metabolism is a very individual thing. Some people can OD on a small amount of codeine containing cough syrup, because they are "super metabolizers"
    Is the OP African-American?
    Network of Care for Children and Family Services - Durham

  17. If it had heroin in it he'd have an allergic reaction to it, considering your body converts heroin into codeine i'm pretty sure, it might be morphine, but even if thats the case, codeine would convert into morphine to, so he's allergic to it all really.
  18. Yeeahh thats a new one on me. Codeine in ecstasy, i dont think so man. Ive been eating rolls since 99 and ive never heard of that.
  19. I've heard it's something like 100x more expensive to put heroine in a pill than mdma why would they do that?

    It doesnt happen.

    I don't think you even feel heroine if you take it orally.

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