Should I try a grow tent?? Will it help w/heat?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by lazytimberwolf, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. My 400W MH was waayyy too hot for my closet.... Trying CFLs now, but....

    Anyone have any experience with grow tents like these HTGSupply tents?

    Smaller tent
    Bigger tent

    I was thinking I could actually use my HID lights (have a 400W HPS too) in this grow tent, but I don't want to buy if the ventilation/heat issues really won't work out. I could duct the heat from the top of the tent to the window or into the room with some inline fans....

    This is the reflector I have.

    I have a 400W Growbright MH conversion bulb and a 400W HPS light, for use on the S51 ballast I have from HTGSupply.

    I rent so I can't put ventilation in the closet; was thinking maybe I could use closet for cloning/mother if this tent would work.

    Any advice welcome - losing hope on my grow situation!!
  2. Go for it, I see alot of guys on alot of forums using them with great success

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