Should I trust it?

Discussion in 'General' started by Justicide, Jul 7, 2017.

  1. I currently live in a state where medical/recreational weed isn't legal, so it can get sort of pricey at times. I have a friend/acquaintance (Him and I were casual friends a couple years back, but haven't talked much since) who is saying he'll sell me a half an ounce for $100, that's a little over $7 a gram. Should I trust it?

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  2. Half O for 100 is normal prices here in Canada.
    Just check for seedy bud

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  3. Honestly that's not a bad price for a half..Like prime said tho.. check the bud...if it's all seed it's a no go!

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  4. Btw...I live in the South so u got a good barometer!

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  5. Buy if there are no seeds. That's a good price.
  6. I do not know.

    Can you, man?:coolalt:
  7. firm-eye it, sniff it, feel it if you can...& if all that checks out to being worth the money, or close to it, pull the trigger.

    lifes to short to give a fuck
  8. I once trusted a half o for less. It was alright.
  9. NO reason to do it sight unseen. Yeah it sounds like a decent deal, but don't be a chump. If you can't check it out beforehand or buy a gram tester then I'd pass personally.
  10. Damn bro £100 a half zip, here in the UK I get half an oz of decent weed for £65
  11. I used to get half and o for the same price, but it was good shit.

    So if its good shit, then ya.

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