Should I trust him?

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  1. I posted a thread here about a week ago about some guy I knew who I literally thought was going to rob my house. So I was really good friends with this dude for about 2 years, you could have called us "best friends". He was becoming addicted to opana, but since has stopped so he says.

    Anyway, I've been avoiding him and not talking to him for a pretty long while (even before I posted that thread) and yesterday he messaged me on facebook saying something along the lines of "Man i feel so bad about all the shit we went through, I was becoming a fiend and I got out of that game before I went down that path and I feel really bad so I want to make it up to you". I replied "don't fucking talk to me we are no longer friends and I want nothing to do with you".

    He messaged me back saying "dude please, we've had a great friendship for two years and I don't want it to end because I was becoming a fiend and pretty much a scummy asshole". I replied "you shouldn't have tried robbing me twice and stealing my $20 before you thought about this". He says "I know man, I feel like shit about it I have to make it up to you somehow". He offered me a free purple starfish (ecstasy pill), but I don't really want E too much so I said no. He says "well I push weight now for cash, so I'll give you a free 1/8th to make it up to you, it's the least I can do".

    He wants to meet up with me monday at one of my classes and give me this 1/8th. I don't trust him at all and won't be having ANYTHING on me of value in case he tries to rob me. I really would like the 8th even though after I get it I still won't talk to him because if someone can do that kind of shit to such a good friend, they shouldn't be anywhere near you.

    Now I want this 8th, but I feel like he might be planning to jump me, but then I think "for what reason would he jump me, I never stole from him or took his shit I only cursed at him a few times and told him to basically fuck off".

    So would you guys trust him or no? I think I'm being paranoid, but i wouldn't trust this guy with a fucking nickel.
  2. meet up with him and give him a chance.

    but if he tries to jump you, kill him. (or at least defend yourself and take him down)
  3. I really don't know if i should. If he were to jump me he would no doubt have friends with him. I'm a trained fighter and I'm easily twice as strong as him (not even exaggerating).

    I do want that 1/8th though.
  4. "Hey bro, come with me to get this 8th." dont go alone. trust no one. if he comes thru with the 1/8, give him like 5% of trust.
  5. I'd probably do it man...should just tell him to throw in the E as well as the 1/8 though...
  6. Go get the eighth and if he tries to rob you just use your rage at the fact that he's a lying, thieving faggot and beat the dog shit out of him.
  7. man drugs fuck up your head give him a chance he probably truly is sorry
  8. If he brings back up, you bring back up. bring some friends.. maybe a knife, although i dont recommend it
  9. ^this
  10. If anything, you should have one of your friends post up at a distance in case he's planning to do some grimy shit.
  11. so wait.. what happended with the robbing story? did your dog get down and dirty with his ass? did he even come over? what'd he say when you were "joking" about robbing and with a gat and shit

    comon man, dont leave us hangin!


    and if i were u, i would take NOTHING not even my phone....well i'd stuff that shit inmy undies
    and walk up to him, get the sac and quickly bounce and if he asks to blaze make some shit excuse up like uh na fool gunna go get laid or uh na fool too far already or just dont pick up lol

    or demand a fatter sac hahahahhaa
  12. I would say give him a chance. Addiction makes you do things you wouldn't do normally do. It brings out the worst in people.
  13. You should be very careful with that 1/8 he's planning to give you. You don't know what the hell that shit has been dipped with.

  14. he never went through with it i guess. and yeah I'm not taking ANYTHING of value, like you said: not even my phone. I think when I told him about the gun he got scared because after that he never tried talking to me again till this.

    This is exactly what I was thinking. I'm going to have to examine it VERY carefully before I hit it.

    I'm not going to bring friends to one of my classes, only because I'm (most likely) being paranoid.
  15. Dude.. Fuck that. I've been in pretty much the same sitation, and it's my opinion that once a theif, always a theif. Go and get the eighth by all means, but take someone with you. And be prepared to have to wreck that fucker.
  16. a knife will be present and perhaps a friend from class, but definitley a knife at least. I don't see a way he could rob me, unless he wants to take my pants and shirt hahaha because that is all I will have on me.

    I don't really think he would want to jump me just for talking shit to him, but who knows.

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