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Should I trim this plant week 4 of flowering?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by ganjadan11, Jul 27, 2011.

  1. Ok basically I was told not to trim a single part of her by someone so's not to stress her but the bottom just isn't getting any light. I'm using a single 250w red cfl and 2 smaller 15w 100w equiv as side lighting but there's tooo much foliage in the way of the bottom. Pot size is 10ltr and I'm using a multi purpose john innes blend of soil and supplementing this with tomato fert with npk of 2-2-6 there's plenty of bud sites so was hoping for a good yield but its week 4 now and there's little hope for the bottom unless I trim so what do you think should I trim it?......

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  2. Anyone ? ........
  3. I always remove the bottom 1/3 of growth in the second week of flower. Helps those top buds get bigger. Plus the stuff not getting much light won't get very good. Will be small and airy. This is what works for me.
  4. So you think I should just get rid of all lower growth? But this is my only plant and I also wanted to try againn and flower this same plant after harvest will that not be a problem? And is it safe to do 4 weeks in?
  5. Honestly, for your first grow. If it is. I would just leave it. That way you can see for yourself how it will grow. Also if you want to try to re-veg it that is the growth you will want to leave on so It can re-veg. Just leave it this time around. It's all about getting the experience under your belt. Good luck.
  6. Yh better to leave it then to re veg as I thought thanks for your help
  7. attach half ounce fishing weights to a swivel and attach the swivels to those fan leaves...a lil stress is always good and it will pull those fan leaves down and out of the way..adjust weights daily as needed...the buds pull stored up nutes and goodies from those fan leaves in the last days..thats why they yellow and fall off during and after week 8...why deprive your buds????

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