Should I Trim This Clone?

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    Hey all, 
    I received this clone from a friend of mine but he was unable to identify the strain that this clone came from.
    This cutting is probably a week old, I've have it for 3 days so far and it has shown good signs of growth considering my less than ideal conditions ATM. Basically I was wondering if these two bigger fan leave could be trimmed off at the node in order fo the cutting to focus more growth on vertical development. The fan leaves in question have already been trimmed because they were weighing the clone down, but I don't think they are necessary but I wan't to know what other more experience ppl think before I go and do that. I have this under 2 t5 lights until it roots when i plan on putting it outside. In my opinion its not the best cutting in term of its structure, but honestly whothefuckknows cuz this is my first grow. >.,<
    Pics are edited colour wise a bit because my DSLR has a poop flash and the room lighting was poor, just to see the plant better. ps. the stem and leaves are wet because i accident splash water when trying to hydrate the cube, i didn't leave it wet. 


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  2. Really thought someone would have said something by now, w.e I'll just leave it, looks fine to me. 

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