Should i trim the fan leaves ?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Timboman, Sep 24, 2007.

  1. How is everyone ?:wave:

    My issue is the fan leaves on my plant.
    They are getting rather big for the place i have them in

    A couple of people i talked to recommened i trim them off , resulting in the plant putting more effort in to the up and comming leaves/bud production etc.

    I hope to get them outside soon where there is more room but it is not quite hot enough yet here in NZ ,just waiting for summer to kick in

    here is a couple of pics of my set up.

    The lights up top are average fluro bulbs at 100watt each.
    The light near the bottom is a normal household bulb mainly for the heat.
    It keeps it at a temp of 22 degrees C.
    The tinfoil is to reflect the heat off the bucket , works well i must say for a total beginner:D
    The cycle is 18 hours on 5 off
    Apologies for the huge pics, not to use to computers:rolleyes:
    But you get the idea;)

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  2. NO

    think of fan leaves as bud engines;)
  3. does it make sense to trim or prune the plant before switching to flower? my plants are so short and bushy, they are blocking the light to the lowest leaves.?
  4. your plants arent short and bushy, if anything Id "top" them so they start to bush out

    more bush = more colas
  5. YES! top the hell out of em! most fun thing to do , easiest thing to do, and garuntee more bud. NEVER CUT THE FAN LEAVES!!!! unless one is blocking a huge bud site, and even then try to bend it the other way.

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