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  1. Hi there, my seedlings older leaves are turning yellow and one of the plants is even drooping. All the plants were a little light burned for a short period of time, but I'm pretty sure that's not what's causing problems. They are also growing slowly.
    The droopy plant was showing signs of nitrogen deficiency so I fed it and the yellowing went away for a little and came back. I'm using fridge water so the ph is about 7 and my soil ph is 6.5. I can't check the actual ph of the plants because my ph meter requires me to stick a peice of metal down to root level and I'm scared that will rip the roots

    50w led about 10 inches above plant
    Promix organic moisture

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  2. Let that stem thicken up. You can rip them smooth out when they are young. You can add more soil to battle your decencies and be sure to let that fridge water sit out until it’s room temp. Don’t water your plant with cold water. 3-4 nodes and you will be ready to transplant

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  3. more soil may well dilute that forthcoming nute burn

    better if she has 30% perlite added

    no need to feed so early but hey!

    use normal tap water for the free minerals mix with 50/50 RO if you have issues

    good luck

    ps never trust those cheap ph garden tools $5.- pool stripes better
  4. Thank you! What do you think about the plant that's drooping, the soil is drying out a little slower than the other plants so I'm guessing it has a lack of oxygen. Do you think it's a good idea to transplant the droopy plant to another cup (same size) and add more drainage holes to the new cup?
  5. Thanks, you said nute burn, are you seeing any symptoms of overfeeding? Or are you saying that more soil will prevent any future nute burn. Would you recommend for me to let the tap water sit for chlorine to disappear? Thanks in advance :)
  6. Noob here so take that into account..
    But i would fill with medium up until the bottom of the cotlydens.. everything beneath the soil will grow roots.
    It def looks like nitrogen deficiency. Do u have drainage at the bottom of the cups.. ?

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  7. Do note the light green the plants are ....thats early nute burn or excess nutes

    if these were mine I'd potup now to ease that or if not fill in more soil to the solo cup
    if you potup(transplant maybe 15 liters/ or 3usg for 1 month veg and 2 months flower
    add 15% perlite to dilute the excess nutes and avoid root compaction

    I don't panic feeding water with Cl to my vegging plants
    as CL is required to grow cells.
    Later in flower I let the water set out 24h before hand

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  8. Yes I do! but i feel as if the drainage holes are too small, i was told that the light green color of the plants is a sign of nutrient burn, so im not sure if its nitrogen deficiency, even though thats what i thought at first. do all the plants look nitrogen hungry to you or is it just the one thats drooping? thanks for the response
  9. thanks, i decided to add more soil to the cups as i do not have pots available. so you dont think any of the plants are suffering from nitrogen deficiency? one more question, im pretty sure the droopy plant is suffering from a lack of oxygen, do you think it would be a good idea to transplant the droopy plant into another cup (same size) but with more drainage holes?
  10. Not right now the droopy IMO is lack of air or roots to big

    thats why I say potup

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  11. but the thing is i cant potup, is it a bad idea to transplant it into the same sized cup but with more drainage holes? thanks :)
  12. You have to pot up. It's not a suggestion. It's a necessity if you want that plant to live or give you more than 5 grams. . Empty milk jugs with a screwdriver through the bottom quite a few times. Idk something. Old coffee containers. . Yes its probably nitrogen deficiency because of a nute lock out from too much nutes. Whatever they're in is "hot" and poor drainage and too much nutrients cause salt build up which makes your ph range at the root zone too far to take up the nutrients available. The salt will also rob your plant of water. Potting up with good drainage and ph-ing your water is the only way to fix this.

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  13. With all that said. If it's a photo period You could repot in same size with better drainage and a medium with a much lower ppm/e.c. and suffer with a stunted extreme root bound plant. And veg it out longer to compensate for it being stunted. . But that would buy u a couple of weeks to pot up maybe 3 at the most imo

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  14. I've read and learned alot of good shit. from you over the past 5 years. You and a few others are cannabis OGs in my book.

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    There's no chance there's any deficiency at that stage, give the compost some credit lol. In the future dont feed anything till you have a few nodes and fill the cup almost to the brim with soil/perlite mix, the lil plant has just started its life give her time
  16. I'm sorry let me rephrase myself, I can't potup until next week. I don't think the problem is with my soil because it only has 0.2% nitrogen which is not a long (from what I heard) I have no way of measuring the ph of the plant because my ph meter requires me to dig it down to root level which will rip the roots. But my soil ph is 6.5 and my water ph is about 7.
  17. I started to see signs of a calcium deficiency, brown dots, yellow leaves ect. So I gave them a quarter of the recommended dose of cal mag, it's been almost a day and I'm not seeing signs of nuts burn, hopefully the calmag won't harm them
  18. Are you watering straight from fridge or letting it get close to room temp....? If it comes out the fridge at ph of 7 id bring it down to like 6.2... after anything is added...

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  19. Yea i was told before my water ph is way too high,I just started watering with tap water and the ph is around 6.5
    ill let it sit for a day for all the chlorine to evaporate
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  20. Check what your water is like, if it's hard water then it'll have too much calcium and magnesium in it for those small cups. Salt build up and lock out of nutes - google your area and the water provider should have information about the water in your postcode
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